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And . . . I have done absolutely nothing for it. Oh well?

But around here basically every week is like Asexuality Awareness Week, so I don't suppose it matters much. ACE POSITIVITY, ANY DAY ANY TIME. \o/

When all my deadline-things are finished (so possibly sometime in January) I am going to write so much genfic and acefic and relationships-are-complicated-wtf-is-romance-anyway-fic your heads will spin. MUST FINISH DEADLINE-THINGS FIRST, SELF. First up: English 101 rough draft, most probably about asexuality! Seasonally appropriate, so possibly a good choice.
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I am going to have mixed feelings when the local library's anime club stops showing Gundam Wing. On the one hand, I will have to go to the effort of actually finding the DVDs and blocking out new space in my nonexistent timetable to watch them. On the other hand, I will no longer have to put up Mr DudeBro Jr & his friends saying that all the GW women suck.

(No, I was not glaring daggers at them, because I was too busy watching Relena on the screen. I'M SORRY YOU AREN'T COOL ENOUGH TO REALIZE HER AMAZINGNESS, YOUNG MAN.*)

On a completely different topic, I think I may have finally figured out the posting etiquette of Tumblr? It's not just posting pictures, it is also posting/reblogging pictures or quotes or videos and your reaction to them. Thank goodness, because I can never really do just pictures.

On a third unrelated subject, is it bad to hold a huge giant grudge against a fic for ending in excessive heteronormativity? I just read a lovely pair of DC/MK fics (the two long ones by this author), positively adoring the fact that Kaito didn't really like being Kid, and then the veeery last chapter showed all the characters except for two in happy soon-to-be-married heterosexual bliss, and the first of the two (never shown to be interested in anything remotely resembling romance, save his first canonical appearance) was gifted with a very wink-wink nudge-nudge "oh, I'm sure he'll find someone soon" comment by our lovely POV character. I really liked the rest of the fic, but . . . ASEXUAL SMASH.

I feel like this sort of thing happens way too often, but I can't think of any other examples of such shoehorned heteronormativity.

*They did kind of shut up while/after we were watching the episode where Darlian died, though. I guess ladies need explosives to be cool, or something? *eyeroll*
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This is the first time I've ever been in a fandom that has just one totally obvious m/m pairing, and it's kind of weirding me out. I'm used to being in fandoms that have lots of ships, or one het ship (well, okay, that's really just Gokusen), or no ships at all.

It's interesting to see the difference between the fandom for something like T&B and the fandom for something like Natsume Yuujinchou, which has a totally obvious threesome and a separate fairly obvious m/m pairing but a roughly equal ratio of gen:romance fic. On the other hand, Gokusen fic has about the same ratios as T&B, except Gokusen fic is usually funnier. (This is probably because Gokusen as a whole is funnier, not because Gokusen fic is better.)

The kind of topics I (would) really enjoy in Tiger & Bunny fic: Karina & her singing, Kaede finding out her dad is a hero, the hardships of hero life in general (are you allowed to tell your non-hero friends about your secret identity? would you even want to? what happens if you die? what's it like, all your closest friends/acquaintences also being your rivals?), Kotetsu & Barnaby roommate hijinks, why Fire Emblem enjoys playing to the gay stereotypes so much, Kaede & Barnaby's first meeting.

But now I've read a lot of the fic and I think I found all the genfic there was. :( NOT ENOUGH.
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I have lots of THOUGHTS and FEELINGS about everything, and have been torn between "You should post them! Get them out of your head and into the interwebs where someone else could be entertained!" and "No, definitely not! Your thoughts and feelings suck, self. Keep them quiet at least until they're coherent, srsly." But tomorrow I am packing for the NINE-HOUR DRIVE TO KANSAS and FOUR AND A HALF DAYS OF NO COOKING AND NO VIOLIN. Which I forwent practicing today in favour of making dinner, oops. So, since I refuse to depend on crappy hotel wifi unless I really have to, here are some of them.

I hate long car trips. Hatehatehate. I can barely sit still long enough to watch a movie most of the time, and I get a general bleeeeaaagh feeling if I'm confined too long even in a big house with my own room where I don't have to share anything or put up with people if I really don't want to. And this one does not even contain any cousins at the end of it. (Plus I'm skipping my weekly-ish friends meet-up that is the teen library group.) NO FUN, WORLD. NO FUN.

On the other hand, it will force me to focus on novels and history and languages, things which I can have on hand when there's no internet, for at least nine hours total and probably more. Yay, learning things! I've been having sort of a block on novels lately, so maybe this will break that a bit.

Knowing some Japanese is kind of frustrating right now. It's like, I know stuff! But not enough to understand the things I want to read! :| Oh well, it'll get better if I keep practicing. And it's kind of interesting when I'm just starting Latin and Chinese, because with Chinese you get the fun of "Hey, I recognize that hanzi! But I know it's absolutely not pronounced jou." And with Latin, you get the fun of "Yay, easy pronunciation! No extra alphabets! Wait what conjugating nouns WHAT IS THIS MADNESS."

I am going to end up packing All The Language Books tomorrow, I just know it.

Okay, pretty sure Keima (of The World God Only Knows) is asexual. SO MANY NAKED GIRLS. SO MUCH LACK OF SECOND GLANCES. I can't think of any fic to write for this manga, but I'm sure it would be amazing. (Possible KHR crossover?)

I wanted to talk about Utopia of Homosexuality, but it looks like that'll have to wait until I have more sleep and mental distance. I have mixed feelings, by which I mean the manhwa's premise is cool but the execution made me acerage. (Finally, a chance to use this Azula icon! Sorry, lj-ers.)

Lady Gaga's new album has been growing on me. I don't quite know how I feel about it, but I think overall it's better than The Fame Monster. The lyrics are pretty good, and it's all so catchy! I think it was worth the extra money for the deluxe edition just for the Born This Way remix (despite my problems with that song).

I am utterly failing to find Korean counterparts of things like Nurarihyon no Mago or Pandemonium and Parade. This is probably because I'm not looking hard enough, but dammit I could really use some. And I need to go look at that map of the Avatar world so I can figure out where to put alter!Korea. And what to call it.

Ho hum.
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Chrome loves kissing people. Quicker and lighter than a hug, a kiss is her thank-you, her goodbye, her I-love-you. Hugs are too close, hugs are traps, hugs are painful and dangerous even if nobody is carrying weapons. But a kiss is fast and intimate and safe, you can kiss someone and step back away faster than they can stop you.

She wants to kiss people on the lips, feel their words stop and their breathing change, but she doesn't want anyone to take it the wrong way. Chrome is not interested in the things people usually pair with kissing; they are messy and time-consuming and awkward. She wants the other things, the smiling faces and warm eyes that say someone is happy when they see her, the friendly affection that is close but not too close.

She gets them.
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(You all know where your scroll bars are, so feel free to use them if you don't care about my idiosyncracies.)

Ugh, I wish I weren't so horribly awkward about things like telephones and arranging to meet people. I am, in fact, in a giant place of AWKWARD with all my RL friends, because I have either known them all long enough that asking for a phone number would feel weird/I see them often enough that it doesn't feel really necessary, or (okay, this is only one person) I have their phone number but am pretty sure they're too busy to just call and talk about random stuff with, and in fact only call them when I need to give them cookies/cupcakes/pie.

Usually I like text-based conversations more than telephone ones, because I like being able to think over what I say and say it when I have time to do so, but right now I just want to hang out with someone, over the phone or otherwise. Which I would not be doing even if I felt close enough to my RL friends to do it with, because I'm going to bed in about fifteen minutes.

Le sigh. Anyone want to talk about genderqueer Kaitou Kid fic?

This post brought to you by: [ profile] bookelfe's locked post on apathysexuality, Any Way You Want It (an amazing AU of D. Gray-Man in which the main characters are 80s kids in a band; it makes me want to actually spend time with people), Fumi Yoshinaga's Flower of Life (a manga about, well, I'll make a post on it someday -- suffice it to say that it makes me feel not bad about finding my close acquaintances/classmates/sort-of friends skeevy and off-putting sometimes), not seeing my not!girlfriend for two weeks, and my still un-outlined term paper.

Ace icon due to me feeling really ace right now, and remembering something I wish I'd said to a previous classmate: No, I was not flirting with you, I just wanted to be friends and maybe hang out outside of class sometimes! Haha, I had like a weeklong freakout thanks to that guy and his 'do you just like to flirt in class' email. (He's in Chicago now, and good riddance. I liked your friend who dropped that class better than you anyway, and I'm glad I lied and said I'd left my phone at home and couldn't remember the number!)


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