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last night i had a very vivid dream about eating something gooey and melted-looking, like plastic, and then (being repulsed by it) picking it out from where it had stuck to my teeth, and then found myself vomiting all of it back up. at the time i was worried that it was prophetic, as i was getting a nausea-inducing vaccine today; now, looking back, it feels very much like overdone forshadowing. i wonder what i've been swallowing that i shouldn't have?

anyway. finals are done, my mother is recovering, and i'm flying out to china for the summer next thursday! what's new with all of you?
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i'm not much good at retrospectives (i tend to forget things about 3 hours after they happen) or at looking forward.

for this year: some good things happened, some bad things happened. i have a lot of regrets and a lot of things i'm glad for.

for next year: let's see if i can finally take the hsk 5, alright., what did you all think of star wars?
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i really don't know how i feel about the loveless manga nowadays—my first encounter with it was when i was ritsuka's age, and now i'm soubi's age, and it's been years since i read any of it, and i'm never sure if i'm imagining how good it was—but as a teenager it was a very useful treatise on all the things we (accurately or not) call by the name of 'love'. Good and bad and complicated as they are.

i should read it again, and catch up to the new releases.
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also, I basically cannot stop listening to Hamilton?? I'm only like 2/3rds of the way through bc I keep going back to relisten to things; I keep finding more and more parallels and clever tricks with the lyrics and rhythms and music. so far I have listened to Room Where It Happens, Right-Hand Man, Non-Stop, and Wait For It about 20 times each, and everything else between/before those 2 or 3 times. little bits of them keep getting stuck in my head. we dream of a brand new start/but we dream in the dark for the most part///you get nothing if you wait for it, wait for it, wait--!
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Today I had a bunch of trouble concentrating in Chinese class, mostly bc I didn't eat, but also bc a super beautiful girl sat next to me and I spent the whole time thinking 美人!本当に美人!!

--which is not very conductive to figuring out whether I need to put 人山人海 or 奇观 in the word box, as you might imagine.
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I totally forgot to post this over here, whoops! I am very proud of it. And I hear it's accessible to people who have only watched the Flash TV show and not read any of the comics, which is great!

The Girlfriend Caper (9741 words) by Esmenet
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Flash (Comics), The Flash (TV 2014)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Lisa Snart/Iris West, Barry Allen/Iris West, Lisa Snart & Barry Allen
Characters: Lisa Snart, Iris West, Barry Allen, Leonard Snart
Additional Tags: Hijinks & Shenanigans, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Polyamory

Instead of killing the Flash's girlfriend, Lisa Snart is going to STEAL the Flash's girlfriend! IN A DATING WAY.

or, to put it another way: Featuring Lisa Snart’s transition from “I’m going to KILL the Flash’s girlfriend like he killed my boyfriend!” through “I’m going to STEAL THE FLASH’S GIRLFRIEND like he STOLE ROSCOE FROM ME” to “I’m going to attempt to ignore Barry Allen’s existence and DATE HIS WIFE”.

(On balance, even Barry will admit this is probably better.)

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it has probably been long enough that none of you remember who i am, but i would like to reassure you that i am 1) alive, 2) transferring to the university of wisconsin-madison in the fall, and 3) writing at least two fics about LADIES DATING EACH OTHER.*

*one is in khr fandom (angsty gay mafia ladies), and the other—much longer—one is in the flash comics/tv fandom (romcom bisexual superheroes). this may be the first time i've written about girls actually dating, as opposed to pining about it and not doing anything.
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Today I got to talk with a man whose English nickname is Super, because he has a character (超) in his name that's the same as the 'super' in Superman (超人). It was marvelous.
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Talking about the homeschooling/self-directed learning I did during 'high school' for college applications is really weird, because it sounds so different from what it actually was. It sounds like I was very goal-oriented and studious. The truth is that I am a pretentious asshole who wanted (wants) a classical education but couldn't be arsed to do a lot of it and so I ended up just picking up bits from whatever 'classical' education things looked interesting.

Which adds up to something almost resembling a real education, I mean, I did/am coming out of it with generalized history knowledge, some command of three languages, the ability to kind of play the piano, good handwriting in Chinese, and enough knowledge of a lot of things (particularly literature) to look impressive to people who don't know anything about it. And, of course, the ability to cook.

The downside of all of this is that I don't know enough about any one of these things to be really great at it, but. well. Broad rather than deep.
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Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes, friends. ♥
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Half an hour away from it being over: happy 21st birthday to me!
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I find ancient Rome bizarrely comforting? today I was having one of those bouts of paranoia/general creeping bad feeling, and I sat down and listened to the History of Rome podcast until it went away. When I feel like everything I like is terrible and nothing's going to make me happy to read/watch/etc. again ever, Roman history and bad classics jokes somehow fix everything.


also, a while ago I read all of [personal profile] dhampyresa's ancient history stuff and discovered that I had secretly had Scipio/Hannibal feelings lurking within me THIS WHOLE TIME. send help. or, like, historical resources so I can write some fic myself.
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I never actually replied to [personal profile] maat_seshat's comment from, like, three months ago (sorry!) but I did go and see what I could find of the recommended translations. The local college library has a surprising amount of them, and I am reading them all (though very slowly).

The only one I've finished so far is Electra, the Anne Carson translation -- from the Greek Tragedies in New Translations series, though I picked it up because I like her poetry. I'm so glad I went straight for that one, because my favorite lines here are positively dull in the other translations I've looked at.

I feel very much for Elektra herself; she has all this anger, all this burning rage and grief, but she's trapped; all she can do is scream. I don't know that I like her, but her feelings are so raw and clear that I want to reach out to her. Elektra, my heart, my dear. I am sorry about your father.

Clytemnestra, here, is so much less sympathetic than in Aeschylus'Agamemnon (which I am in the middle of) I scarcely recognize her. But looking at what I have seen of her Agamemnon self, I do wonder how much Orestes takes after her in attitude.

quotes to encourage everyone to read the Anne Carson version, there is some very pretty language here )

Those are the only quotes I have saved; I returned the book a week ago, and wish I had my own copy. Ah well.
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Today I took a twenty-minute nap and when I woke up I thought to myself holy shit, women exist, they are so amazing and I am so glad.
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This year was not the worst. I learned some new things about myself and the world, started several big and exciting projects, and made at least one really amazing new friend.

There's a lot of reasons why this year was not the greatest, but as of right now, i am doing all right.

(quick question, unrelated: who among you are or have been dc comics fans?)
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Fell off the posting wagon, oops. I'll do days 13 and 14 later, but today, from [personal profile] skygiants I present: the unwritten Utena crossover I would most like to see!

You did this to me on purpose, didn't you. I can tell.

There's a lot of Utena crossovers that would be really great; I've always wanted to see a Ranma 1/2 crossover where Kodachi and Nanami meet. And there's all kinds of interesting stuff you could do with the Utena movie and things that are either in a totally different genre but similar visually or things that are technically in a similar genre but visually completely different. Even—maybe especially—in a written medium. So stuff like Sailor Moon/Utena would be pretty cool. Actually, the idea of 'student from thing x transfers to Ohtori Academy' is pretty winning all by itself.

But AS I'M SURE YOU, BECCA, ALREADY KNOW my favorite unwritten Utena crossover is the Gokusen one I promised to write you and then never finished because i was in a bad place emotionally to be writing humor at the time.* (It is still in the works, though! How could I not write such gems as 'Shin, grown-up law student, is constantly mistaken for a middle schooler' and 'Yankumi makes up elaborate plan that involves kicking Akio in the face'. How could I deprive myself of that.)

I just adore the idea of Yankumi putting together one of her complicated undercover disguise plans to root out bad stuff going on in a school, and the idea of her going after somebody like Akio is really satisfying. The idea of her vs. Akio specifically is GREAT, because if Akio is vulnerable to anything it is a) really sincere people who can't be seduced or distracted and b) physical attack.

There's also the aspect of Yankumi and Shin as a grown-up team running their own operations, where Shin is either in or just out of law school. They're on their own, without backup, in a very dangerous place—but because of their personalities and history, you'd never have to be too afraid for them. Yankumi is kind of uniquely placed to be able to deal with or avoid the particular pitfalls of Ohtori Gakuen, and while Shin is less so I do feel like the things that would be aimed at him are things he could deal with.

Except for being mistaken for a middle schooler when he's a graduate student disguised as a high schooler. he is not equipped for that.

*I still feel like I'm not quite ready to sit down and write it yet. It's hard for me to be whole-heartedly, genuinely funny—I find that weird dadaist humor that's popular on Tumblr right now to be much easier.

December meme post is here.
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Can everyone help me put together a reading/watching list of decent stuff where all/most of the main characters are queer? like, not necessarily in an ‘everybody’s dating’ way but more in a ‘do cisgender heterosexuals even exist’ way.

It doesn't have to be like an actual published book or anything, a link to somebody rambling about their OCs is fine. I just want stuff like that to look at when I'm feeling down.

So far: sailor moon manga, young avengers v3, utena

(I'm putting off today's december meme post for tomorrow, on account of I don't feel like doing it before bed.)
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From [personal profile] alexseanchai: what I love about Sailor Moon.

This is easy!

Full cast of ladies. You know how in a lot of stories it is literally a man's world, with maybe two or three girls—and this happens even in things where a girl is the main character? Sailor Moon is ALL GIRLS ALL THE TIME. Not just Usagi and the other senshi—most of their villains and even most of the minor bit-part characters are ladies. It is just so unbelievably refreshing to see something that's just as all-ladies-always as the stuff I write myself.

Queer characters. It's been twenty years and you still can't find stuff as queer as this manga. Bisexual characters, lesbians, canonical genderqueer character, at least one asexual character. Reading Sailor Moon is absolutely living the representational dream, for me.

Tsukino Usagi, lazy crybaby bisexual dream girl.

Chiba Mamoru, Usagi's #1 partner, best dude, badly-dressed professional kidnappee.

Tenou Haruka, juggling sailor senshi duties with being Michiru's full-time girlfriend AND Japan's most famous racecar driver. Queerest of queers.

Aino Minako, love-and-beauty pop-star team leader, who always falls in love but will never, ever let romance come between her and her duty.

Setsuna and Michiru and Haruka all shacking up together to raise baby Hotaru.

Takeuchi Naoko's drawing style, which is a bit limited in some ways—Usagi's supposed to be chubby, but you can't tell at all—while also being one of my favorite things ever. It conveys emotion really, really well, and it's cute and funny and beautiful. So many little details.

That one time evil!Mamoru brainwashed Motoki into thinking he was his best friend because evil!Mamoru needed information, and they've been friends ever since.

Neo Queen Serenity: you can FEEL how kind and loving and strong she is, and you can tell at once that Usagi will grow to be that person, not too far in the future.

How destiny is intermingled with choice; Ace might have told Minako that it was her fate to never have love, only her duty, but the truth is this: Minako decided to hold her duty to the princess above all things. She decides every day. For all of the sailor senshi, their destiny isn't something forced upon them; it's the end result of their own choices. Given the chance, not a single one of them would turn away.

Still a lot of open spots in the meme, give me more things to talk about please!
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I am getting worse and worse at commenting, but much better about posting! Moving right along, here's day 5: current fandom I wish everyone would be into.

Now, [personal profile] dhampyresa asked for current fandom, which means I have fewer decisions to make. I always want people to be into Utena, or Gokusen, or Ranma 1/2, but those are constants. By 'into', here, I'm going to assume 'producing fannish things' rather than just 'liking'.

Taking all this into account, it's actually a really easy choice.

Read more... )

December meme over here, still mostly empty, give me more stuff to talk about please.
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So I've been kind of ... not here for a while, which (for those of you new to this blog/me) is generally a Bad Sign that i'm isolating myself and not doing well. However! I have returned.

December 1: gender thingies )

Most of my December posting meme is still open! Give me things to talk about!


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