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Episode fifteen: sometimes I think all these characters have actually escaped from several different shows and are just hiding out in the GW-verse waiting for the statute of limitations to be up )

I just heard a character with a female VA giving orders! This supports my fanwank theory of female officers = yes, female footsoldiers = no.

Episode sixteen: and by 'several different shows' I mean that Trowa was totally copying Michiko Malandro and Zechs is basically Roy Mustang if Roy Mustang was actually Kurosaki Ichigo as a teenager )

And now I have to finally return these DVDs I have kept for far too long. Let's all pretend I watched them really fast and typed up all these posts right away and am just posting them really slow. No piracy here, a'ight?
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Late comment for episode ten: By the way, Trowa, I hope you know that is basically the worst way EVER to carry an injured person. I am just saying. (Seriously, the only way I can make sense of the 'put him in a hard sharp cold Gundam's hand and ride around with him like that' carry is if they assumed he was dead from the get-go.

Episode eleven: Thanks to Zechs, I now have the image of people sitting in their castle-sized garages, tinkering with old beat-up mobile suits.  )

Episode Twelve: Sally Po is amazing, and Wufei etches her words upon his heart )

Episode thirteen: Catherine punches Trowa in the face and it is amazing )

Episode fourteen: EVERYTHING I LOVE )

Okay, I take it back about last episode. This one has the perfect amount of politics/family drama/half-truth-telling/fancy clothes/ladies. I am entirely happy with it.
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Spoilers only for the episodes in question.

Episode eight: three short paragraphs )

Episode nine: Parallels! and also Treize Khushrenada is a jerk )

Episode ten: questions! )
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Thoughts on the rewatch of Episode Six )

Incidentally, I hope people have already made all the (in)appropriate L. Frank Baum jokes about OZ. After all these years, they'd better have.

First watch of Episode Seven )
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I am going to have mixed feelings when the local library's anime club stops showing Gundam Wing. On the one hand, I will have to go to the effort of actually finding the DVDs and blocking out new space in my nonexistent timetable to watch them. On the other hand, I will no longer have to put up Mr DudeBro Jr & his friends saying that all the GW women suck.

(No, I was not glaring daggers at them, because I was too busy watching Relena on the screen. I'M SORRY YOU AREN'T COOL ENOUGH TO REALIZE HER AMAZINGNESS, YOUNG MAN.*)

On a completely different topic, I think I may have finally figured out the posting etiquette of Tumblr? It's not just posting pictures, it is also posting/reblogging pictures or quotes or videos and your reaction to them. Thank goodness, because I can never really do just pictures.

On a third unrelated subject, is it bad to hold a huge giant grudge against a fic for ending in excessive heteronormativity? I just read a lovely pair of DC/MK fics (the two long ones by this author), positively adoring the fact that Kaito didn't really like being Kid, and then the veeery last chapter showed all the characters except for two in happy soon-to-be-married heterosexual bliss, and the first of the two (never shown to be interested in anything remotely resembling romance, save his first canonical appearance) was gifted with a very wink-wink nudge-nudge "oh, I'm sure he'll find someone soon" comment by our lovely POV character. I really liked the rest of the fic, but . . . ASEXUAL SMASH.

I feel like this sort of thing happens way too often, but I can't think of any other examples of such shoehorned heteronormativity.

*They did kind of shut up while/after we were watching the episode where Darlian died, though. I guess ladies need explosives to be cool, or something? *eyeroll*


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