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"Do you want to ask me how I knew that?" Detective Bell YOU ARE SO PERFECT

wow I am actually trusting this show to deal with Chinese gambling and not fuck it up, this never happens

spoilers for Elementary 1.09 )
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I like that watching five TV shows/films at once and quoting lines from them wasn't just a one-off thing he did to mess with Joan, and I love that she is so good at handling him and his issues.

God I love the credits for this show.

spoilers for Elementary 1.08 )
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Episode fifteen: sometimes I think all these characters have actually escaped from several different shows and are just hiding out in the GW-verse waiting for the statute of limitations to be up )

I just heard a character with a female VA giving orders! This supports my fanwank theory of female officers = yes, female footsoldiers = no.

Episode sixteen: and by 'several different shows' I mean that Trowa was totally copying Michiko Malandro and Zechs is basically Roy Mustang if Roy Mustang was actually Kurosaki Ichigo as a teenager )

And now I have to finally return these DVDs I have kept for far too long. Let's all pretend I watched them really fast and typed up all these posts right away and am just posting them really slow. No piracy here, a'ight?
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Late comment for episode ten: By the way, Trowa, I hope you know that is basically the worst way EVER to carry an injured person. I am just saying. (Seriously, the only way I can make sense of the 'put him in a hard sharp cold Gundam's hand and ride around with him like that' carry is if they assumed he was dead from the get-go.

Episode eleven: Thanks to Zechs, I now have the image of people sitting in their castle-sized garages, tinkering with old beat-up mobile suits.  )

Episode Twelve: Sally Po is amazing, and Wufei etches her words upon his heart )

Episode thirteen: Catherine punches Trowa in the face and it is amazing )

Episode fourteen: EVERYTHING I LOVE )

Okay, I take it back about last episode. This one has the perfect amount of politics/family drama/half-truth-telling/fancy clothes/ladies. I am entirely happy with it.
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Spoilers only for the episodes in question.

Episode eight: three short paragraphs )

Episode nine: Parallels! and also Treize Khushrenada is a jerk )

Episode ten: questions! )
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Thoughts on the rewatch of Episode Six )

Incidentally, I hope people have already made all the (in)appropriate L. Frank Baum jokes about OZ. After all these years, they'd better have.

First watch of Episode Seven )


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