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Things I want out of Detective Conan/Magic Kaito fandom:

Aoko being awesome
Ran being awesome
Aoko and Ran teaming up and doing fabulous things together
Aoko and/or Ran teaming up with Kaitou Kid and kicking ass
Honest-to-goodness genderqueer Kaitou Kid
Heiji being a dork
Sonoko and Ran hanging out & having fun
The Adventures Of Tiny Genius Scientist Haibara Ai

Things I am getting out of Detective Conan/Magic Kaito fandom:

Kaito and Hakuba teaming up
Shinichi and Kaito teaming up
Heiji and Shinichi being bffs
All The Dudes Team Up & Take Down Black Organization
The occasional fairly good Aoko-or-Ran-finds-out fic
By and large, DUDES.

. . . GDI, FANDOM.

Item one: I sometimes feel like I should form an elite society dedicated to writing about female and gender-boundary-crossing characters. Canon is about Boys Doing Things? Let's write about the girls! . . . And then I realize that everyone who would join are people I already know.

Item two: I just realized that I only ship people with Kid, not Kaito. (Kaito/Aoko, for example, is really uninteresting to me! Childhood friends, whatevs. But give me Aoko/mysterious phantom thief and I am ALL OVER THAT.)
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I am going to have mixed feelings when the local library's anime club stops showing Gundam Wing. On the one hand, I will have to go to the effort of actually finding the DVDs and blocking out new space in my nonexistent timetable to watch them. On the other hand, I will no longer have to put up Mr DudeBro Jr & his friends saying that all the GW women suck.

(No, I was not glaring daggers at them, because I was too busy watching Relena on the screen. I'M SORRY YOU AREN'T COOL ENOUGH TO REALIZE HER AMAZINGNESS, YOUNG MAN.*)

On a completely different topic, I think I may have finally figured out the posting etiquette of Tumblr? It's not just posting pictures, it is also posting/reblogging pictures or quotes or videos and your reaction to them. Thank goodness, because I can never really do just pictures.

On a third unrelated subject, is it bad to hold a huge giant grudge against a fic for ending in excessive heteronormativity? I just read a lovely pair of DC/MK fics (the two long ones by this author), positively adoring the fact that Kaito didn't really like being Kid, and then the veeery last chapter showed all the characters except for two in happy soon-to-be-married heterosexual bliss, and the first of the two (never shown to be interested in anything remotely resembling romance, save his first canonical appearance) was gifted with a very wink-wink nudge-nudge "oh, I'm sure he'll find someone soon" comment by our lovely POV character. I really liked the rest of the fic, but . . . ASEXUAL SMASH.

I feel like this sort of thing happens way too often, but I can't think of any other examples of such shoehorned heteronormativity.

*They did kind of shut up while/after we were watching the episode where Darlian died, though. I guess ladies need explosives to be cool, or something? *eyeroll*
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So there is this new live-action drama, Detective Conan ~Kudou Shinichi e no Chousenjou~! Which translates to something like Detective Conan: Written Challenge to Kudou Shinichi but should really be more on the lines of Detective Conan ~Twenty-Minute Group Flashbacks Induced By Dates On Touchscreens In Empty White Rooms~ because there is a time and a place for literal advertising and this is exactly it.

The flashbacks-to-crimes so far are going about how you'd expect—there's a murder, Shinichi solves it, The End—but the framing device is pretty fun. The characters (Shinichi, Ran, Kogoro) hang around in locked white-and-metal rooms trying to figure out what four-character word related to the crime on the date shown on the current room's touchscreen is the password that will get them into the next one. For some reason Shinichi and Ran are handcuffed together; I have no idea why, and I'll bet they don't either.

The note left by their kidnapper in the first episode has little hearts on it. I laughed so hard. But what amuses me the most about this show is that it probably takes them about three to five minutes per room outside of flashback-time. :D

I really like this version of Kimi ga Ireba. And it looks like next episode's flashback is going to have Ran's mom in it. Yay!

I am kind of sad that I'm missing about half of Shinichi's deduction-monologues, though. I just don't know enough jukugo to get all those words.
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Am watching live-action Detective Conan. KUDO SHINICHI IS ON MY TELEVISION COMPUTER.

. . . Not sure I would be having this kind of extreme reaction if I were watching the anime. But. LIVE-ACTION DETECTIVE CONAN. USING WORDS I UNDERSTAND WITHOUT SUBS.

It looks to be some sort of special. Which on the one hand, yay! Something I don't have to see twice! On the other hand, booo. No teensy child solving crimes.

Brb, getting back into the manga. Without being aware, I have been pining all this time—clearly, I need more fictional murder-solving in my life!
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On the one hand, I would quite like to write Magic Kaito/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover fic ("Hey, finally a safe place to hide Pandora!" "My, I do like that suit of yours,"). On the other hand, my reasons for not writing DC/MK fic stand: I refuse to perpetuate its status quo, wherein young men are detectives and phantom thieves and young women are love interests, and until I come up with some good fix-it fic for that I'm not going to touch a single plotbunny.
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I love things like Detective Conan/Magic Kaito and DNAngel(god knows why) and Yu-Gi-Oh! and Katekyou Hitman Reborn, I really do. Because I love phantom thieves and detectives and weird magic-y shit and reincarnation and whacked-out fights and art and the mafia! They're super fun to write about, you can do all sorts of stuff with them.

But all the phantom thieves and detectives and mafia bosses are boys.

And that should be fine! It's bad that there aren't more women in those positions, of course, and that bothers me just as it should. But I love all those things listed above, and want to write them, and the fact that those characters are male stops me from writing about them.

I have very complicated feelings about this. Because of course that shouldn't stop me, and if it bothers me that much I should just genderswitch one or two and be on my merry way. But I don't do that, because . . . why don't I do that? I don't know why. It would help, even if it wouldn't fix the underlying problems in canon. But that feels like it would be too complex, too top-heavy (hah) for the little ridiculous crossovers and for-want-of-a-nail I want to write, and I know all too well how changing too many things right off the bat can unbalance a fic liek whoa.

I don't think my problem with the canons mentioned above (and others) is that the main characters are male. My problem is that the main characters, their best friends, their rivals, their colleagues, their villains (well, okay, their shounen villains; I'm not sure about Vermouth, as I haven't gotten to her yet) are all male. DCMK almost makes up for this with Ran and Ai and Sato-keiji, but it's not enough: if Heiji or Hakuba or -- ooh, yes -- Kid were female, I would be writing so much fic right now and re-reading bits of canon every week. If Satoshi and Krad and/or Dark were female, I would still be in love with DNAngel no matter how stupid it was. If Kaiba Seto were a girl, I would write thousands and thousands of words just about her being awesome in a trenchcoat. KHR . . . well, my feelings are complicated about KHR.

Well, off to read some josei, and maybe see if Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne gets any better.
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ยค Give me a pairing (threesome/moresome) and I'll tell you my favorite get-together plot. (crack and crossover pairings encouraged. XD)

Although apparently I don't even need suggestions to start thinking about this. :D

Knife and Ink is my favourite get-together plot, haha. It goes something like this: After Mai becomes Fire Lord, there are peace talks! Peace talks which Kuei happens to be at. And somehow, while the real politicians are talking, he comes up with the brilliant idea of a contractual union between the two countries' rulers. His advisors are all absolutely HORRIFIED, as are the Fire Lord's. Mai suggests the two of them retire to a quieter location to discuss it privately. (And then they talk a lot and Mai is like "you really don't understand politics at all, do you" and Kuei is all "Nope! :D" and when they go back out they're both smiling a lot because this is going to work out *perfectly*, and all the advisors are D: )

[ profile] threethieves Mmm, let's see. Ran catches him dead to rights somehow -- say, he's quick-disguising himself as Shinichi but missing a scar and she notices -- and helps him anyway. And he comes over afterward to say thank you like a gentleman, of course. And then he finds himself coming over again for whatever reason, and again and again until one day he realises he's helping her cook dinner and they've been chatting about her college plans for the past twenty minutes.

Or, alternatively, he and Ran and Aoko all get kidnapped/otherwise stuck in a small area together for a lengthy amount of time that somehow forces him to reveal his Sekrit Identity or lets them guess at it. And yeah, Ran has kind of noticed that Conan has nightmares about sinister people with alchoholic names who wear black (when he has nightmares about, oh nothing otherwise), and Aoko can hardly have missed all those snipers hanging around Kid heists, and oh, you're a karate champion/you have an in at the police station? And you know a famous teenage detective or two? What a co-incidence. I wonder if we could do something with that?

And this is sort of turning out to be totally a Ran/Aoko story, but I AM TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT. Though I guess they want Kaito in on their schemes for his mad disguise skills and such, so they make him go out and do a bunch of the footwork, and it eventually turns into a threesome thing. and poor Shinichi is left at home solving murders for a while (eventually he follows Ran and runs into Kid) because Ran refuses to involve him in such dangerous things. Murder is one thing, but evil shadow syndicates are different! She's not going to drag a seven-year-old into that any more than she has to, even if she has suspicions about his family life possibly involving people in black trenchcoats.

wow that was long. (And, er, maybe a bit revealing of my ulterior motive of Give The DC/MK Ladies Plot Relevance.) Give me more ships to ramble about?
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Okay, this was totally going to be a long rambly post on literature and culture and bending in the A:TLA world, but instead it's going to be a short post about how much I love Detective Conan.

Or rather, how much I love Mouri Ran. She's a teenage girl! She's the love interest! She's kind and motherly! She gets jealous easily! She's weak to ghosts and monsters!

And she can karate the FUCK out of you. Or doors. Or hard-bitten Italian mobsters. And she does. Often. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  SO MUCH LOVE.

Shinichi is kind of stupid for not explaining things to her, actually. So many of his worries would be solved -- he could go out late at night to look for evidence, he'd always have someone to cover for him since they live in the same house, and he'd have a bodyguard on call when he was being chased by axe-murderers. Everything would be fixed! (Except the seven-year-old thing, but well, what can you do about that anyway?) Also, Ran figured him out almost right away. Even if he keeps putting her off and she ignores her suspicions most of the time, she so has him pinned. (Ran. <3 )

Suzuki Sonoko, Ran's non-Shinichi bff, is also pretty cool. Not much to say about her yet, but I like her.

Shinichi's parents are terrifying. I can see why he decided to live on his own in Japan.

So basically Detective Conan is a lot more awesome on the 'female characters' thing than I had been lead to believe! And the mysteries are pretty interesting. And I'm looking forward to all the interesting characters I've heard about but haven't gotten to yet. The only problem is that the series has been running for thirteen years. It's long as hell, and I'm only on volume nine. *cries*


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