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(This is exactly the sort of thing I should not be doing when I have three-and-a-half essays to write before tomorrow and a scene-bunny bouncing around in my head. Bite me.)

I feel like everyone will be able to guess my fics in anonymous writing fests now, because all they'll have to do is pick the one with the over-symbolic title.

Evidence: )

I did manage to finish all but one of the essays before I finished this post! Booyah.
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I feel like those memes about writing always ask about titles, so here is a slightly better answer than I tend to give most of them.

I love titles! Usually. But mostly I try to title things before I write them, or at least before I get too far in, because I like titles that are really relevant to the story. And I tend to build off titles: I don't need a title to start out with, but if I just stick on a title at the end it feels sort of disconnected, even if I've spent a long time thinking about it. I tend to pull a lot of the theme from the title, and doing that in reverse is a little more difficult. A title is a foundation, a direction; I think in a much clearer and more constructed way about a story once I have a title to go off of.

I mean, Knife and Ink is a lot less fun-and-games-in-Ba-Sing-Se than it used to be, and a lot more about Mai and spirits and things that are written down, or not written down, or written down somewhere else. Blood Dreams (that mostly-genderswitched KHR AU that I have posted one fic of) has gone from just being an excuse to write a darker and mostly-female KHR to something that is about inheritance and the lack thereof, about the refusal of gender roles, and about discovering the time for an old dream to die. (I am also fighting a terrible urge to retitle it Girls' Generation.)

Not that I haven't come up with some terrible titles, mind, that never did anything at all. But I think I've gotten better about that lately, and I'm very much looking forward to what that Hermione-in-movie-Ohtori fic is going to look like once I've found it a proper title. (Let alone all the auction fic and challenge fic that are simmering on the stove of my brain.)

TL;DR: Titles are hard, but they're also fun and very useful. I need to go think up some more.
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I kind of hate re-reading really good fic, because most of the fics I love enough to re-read multiple times draw me in so much I will hardly do anything else for as long as it takes to finish them again. Which would be fine, except a lot of the stories I re-read often are the ones that are hundreds of thousands of words long.

Mostly I regret the muscle pain, though, because the long stories I re-read and get drawn into this way are valuable enough to be entirely worth the time. Especially when I get something new out of them, or something old I'd forgotten.

Re-reading Blood Magic (too lazy to fetch a link right now; it's by [personal profile] gatewaygirl and linked to at the top of her journal) is especially worth it, because it's about distrust and keeping secrets from your friends and having huge horrible fights and popular expectations and making bad decisions and betrayal -- and for all that, it's ultimately a happy story. I think it's important for me to remember that you can disagree with and mistrust and have huge screaming fights with people and still like them. And so far, nothing in the world makes me think about that more or in a better way than this.

And now, to assure you that re-reading isn't all I've been doing for the past four days, a little bitty quote from the Azula fic (most scenes previous to this yet to be determined):

“Found you,” she says, then “Foooouuuund yoooouuu!” she sings out, enjoying the long words of her childhood tongue and the memories they bring. Found you, Zuzu, can’t hide from me. . . .

Lu Ten can’t hear her, of course, but it’s the thought that counts.
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I feel the need to write things again! Unfortunately, I'm kind of blocked on most of the stuff I'm working on. So, a writing(ish) meme!

Give me any iteration of a character I'm familiar with, and I'll give you at least one piece of headcanon/short fic for them. 'Any iteration,' of course, ranges from 'Jet' to 'Knife and Ink!Ty Lee' to 'Yankumi at Ohtori'. (Other people's ficverses are totally up for grabs, by the way. If I know 'em.) Other prompts of any kind are also welcome, but I refuse to promise anything for them. ;)

Totally not inspired by [ profile] suzukiblu's Firebender!Jet fic.
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¤ Give me a pairing (threesome/moresome) and I'll tell you my favorite get-together plot. (crack and crossover pairings encouraged. XD)

Although apparently I don't even need suggestions to start thinking about this. :D

Knife and Ink is my favourite get-together plot, haha. It goes something like this: After Mai becomes Fire Lord, there are peace talks! Peace talks which Kuei happens to be at. And somehow, while the real politicians are talking, he comes up with the brilliant idea of a contractual union between the two countries' rulers. His advisors are all absolutely HORRIFIED, as are the Fire Lord's. Mai suggests the two of them retire to a quieter location to discuss it privately. (And then they talk a lot and Mai is like "you really don't understand politics at all, do you" and Kuei is all "Nope! :D" and when they go back out they're both smiling a lot because this is going to work out *perfectly*, and all the advisors are D: )

[ profile] threethieves Mmm, let's see. Ran catches him dead to rights somehow -- say, he's quick-disguising himself as Shinichi but missing a scar and she notices -- and helps him anyway. And he comes over afterward to say thank you like a gentleman, of course. And then he finds himself coming over again for whatever reason, and again and again until one day he realises he's helping her cook dinner and they've been chatting about her college plans for the past twenty minutes.

Or, alternatively, he and Ran and Aoko all get kidnapped/otherwise stuck in a small area together for a lengthy amount of time that somehow forces him to reveal his Sekrit Identity or lets them guess at it. And yeah, Ran has kind of noticed that Conan has nightmares about sinister people with alchoholic names who wear black (when he has nightmares about, oh nothing otherwise), and Aoko can hardly have missed all those snipers hanging around Kid heists, and oh, you're a karate champion/you have an in at the police station? And you know a famous teenage detective or two? What a co-incidence. I wonder if we could do something with that?

And this is sort of turning out to be totally a Ran/Aoko story, but I AM TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT. Though I guess they want Kaito in on their schemes for his mad disguise skills and such, so they make him go out and do a bunch of the footwork, and it eventually turns into a threesome thing. and poor Shinichi is left at home solving murders for a while (eventually he follows Ran and runs into Kid) because Ran refuses to involve him in such dangerous things. Murder is one thing, but evil shadow syndicates are different! She's not going to drag a seven-year-old into that any more than she has to, even if she has suspicions about his family life possibly involving people in black trenchcoats.

wow that was long. (And, er, maybe a bit revealing of my ulterior motive of Give The DC/MK Ladies Plot Relevance.) Give me more ships to ramble about?
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Okay, this looks like a meme that's fun and something I might actually finish:

Give me a character I'm familiar with and I'll either write you a ficlet (~100 words) or the equivalent amount of personal canon. (Academic!Zuko is totally a separate character from canon!Zuko, btw.)

Maybe this will help with the writer's block? (fma_ladyfest deadline on the eighth. Eep!)

EDIT: An explanation as to why I haven't written the aca!Zuko fic yet, in response to the question when, where and how you see him diverge from canon!Zuko?

I'm actually not sure about that yet! It's probably either a slight difference in him, when he was young, or a difference in the Fire Nation as a whole. Because I have it in my head that the Fire Nation, and parts of the now-Earth Kingdom, used to speak a very different language than the fairly unified one they do in canon, but I haven't figured out how late they would have given that up as the official language. People would still speak it for a while after it was made un-official, at home if nothing else, but even if Aang's slang was outdated it was still understandable. Which would mean either that it was made un-official more than a hundred years ago, or that people in the Fire Nation still understand a fair amount of it even if it sounds outdated and awkward. (Which might mean that Zuko and Azula learned some of it from Ursa? Or maybe Zuko was a tiny child-academic who studied it on his own?) 

And of course I've no idea at all when the Earth Kingdom was unified and made to speak a single language, since it was probably a bunch of different ones for a very very long time. ^_^

So pretty much the difference between academic!Zuko and canon!zuko is all wrapped up in regional and linguistic differences in the A:TLA world and the things he learned/was taught before he got banished. Canon!Zuko, for instance, can probably compose some acceptable poems, but academic!Zuko would have learned enough classical court poetry to spot references to it in everyday speech. (Which could lead to all sorts of fun in Ba Sing Se, when he has a moment of thinking "oh, they're referencing that famous poem that compares alcohol to politics -- wait, no, crap. wrong language, wrong country. no, wait again, are they taking International Poetry at the university? Are they the kind of people who would make cross-language references about plotting against the government? Or is there an Earth Kingdom thing they're referencing here that I'm missing entirely? ARGH.")

So basically my writing of academic!Zuko is stalled by my ignorance of Asian literary traditions and linguistic differences, which are the kind of thing that I could easily spend the rest of my life researching. And it would be AWESOME. And this is why I can't really answer your question, because if I knew enough to answer it completely I could start the damn thing. XD


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