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I totally forgot to post this over here, whoops! I am very proud of it. And I hear it's accessible to people who have only watched the Flash TV show and not read any of the comics, which is great!

The Girlfriend Caper (9741 words) by Esmenet
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Flash (Comics), The Flash (TV 2014)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Lisa Snart/Iris West, Barry Allen/Iris West, Lisa Snart & Barry Allen
Characters: Lisa Snart, Iris West, Barry Allen, Leonard Snart
Additional Tags: Hijinks & Shenanigans, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Polyamory

Instead of killing the Flash's girlfriend, Lisa Snart is going to STEAL the Flash's girlfriend! IN A DATING WAY.

or, to put it another way: Featuring Lisa Snart’s transition from “I’m going to KILL the Flash’s girlfriend like he killed my boyfriend!” through “I’m going to STEAL THE FLASH’S GIRLFRIEND like he STOLE ROSCOE FROM ME” to “I’m going to attempt to ignore Barry Allen’s existence and DATE HIS WIFE”.

(On balance, even Barry will admit this is probably better.)

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I am decidedly not doing Yuletide this year, because I didn't comment on my last two fic exchange gifts and that is a terrible thing to do to a writer. But I still want to write things! For other people, even!

So I am requesting prompts in the following fandoms:

Shoujo Kakumei Utena (incl. the movie), Harry Potter, Justice League cartoon*, Young Justice*, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ranma 1/2, Pacific Rim**, Iron Man: Armored Adventures*, Hawkeye, KHR, Oresama Teacher, Samurai Champloo. Meta and original fiction also open.

Prompts will remain open until closed
, which means that if I forget to close them you can come back six months later and request 'Natsuo and Aki pick up girls together' and I'll fill it.

*I have seen season one but have not yet finished season two.

**NOT THE SCIENTISTS or any dudeslash really. Mako, Raleigh, Chuck, Stacker, Wei triplets, OCs, worldbuilding.

Utena fic!

Oct. 12th, 2014 08:03 pm
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Or, more accurately, Kanae fic. this love, empty is 600 words of Kanae having complicated feelings about Anthy. Originally it was going to be several times as long, but a) cutoff point for canon compatibility and b) deadline. maybe a non-canon-compliant sequel in the works? possibly.

Anyway, you should definitely read it. *self-promotes*
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Ten Reasons to Study Arithmancy
Summary: A meditation on magical numerology and Hermione Granger.

So here is that fic from last night. I've re-read and edited it too many times to have any actual opinion on it, but I remember that I had fun writing it! Gosh, I love writing Harry Potter fic; the fandom is so big you can take it in any direction you want.
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Here, have a one-sentence White Collar fic (since it's obvious nobody, including me, is going to write the rest of the story that goes with it):

After several weeks of walking in on shared lunches, Peter Burke came to only one conclusion: although neither of them appeared aware of it, his wife seemed to be dating Neal Caffrey.

(look, about 2/3rds of white collar fic is like: Neal and Peter get permission from Elizabeth to bang! and that is okay, but I also want the fic where Neal and Elizabeth go on brilliantly romantic dates and are those cultured people you always spent way too much time in college wishing you were. and maybe they also have sex and maybe they don't, who knows, it's not terribly important.)
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I just wrote a short essay on a branch of philosophy that doesn't exist, based on misreading 'College of Cosmetology' as 'College of Cosmology' on a sign once a few months ago. (Also, it may not be 100% coherent.)

extract from Strange Sciences: An Overview of Obscure Disciplines )

I was originally just going to mention it in the background of a Harry Potter fic, but it sorta got away from me.

---and of course the metaphorical is the concrete, and the real is ever-changing.
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So I had a good birthday! The bit last night where I stayed up plotting Laura Hale fic was pretty great, and then the morning-afternoon was only okay, but this evening was super great. I finally broke down and got a hot plate so I can now secretly fry things at hot temperatures for long periods of time and/or cook things that require more than one pot. My (room? ex-room? flat?)mate came back early, and she looks even more gorgeous than she used to (or maybe that's just because everyone looks better with glasses, idk). I ended up cooking dinner really late, and she came in and we had a real conversation (every time we talk for an extended period of time I end up grinning, haha) and she ate some of my food! This is a big thing because she doesn't like vegetables and I'm a vegetarian, but apparently she likes zucchini. :D

And then I finally finished (one of the) Laura Hale fic(s) I've been working on! Longest thing not-for-a-fic challenge I've finished in a while, heh. It's here!

It is also the birthday of one of my favorite characters from a series I ended up (sort of) hating, Doumeki Shizuka of xxxHOLiC! Question: One or two years ago I started writing a rather nebulous medieval fantasy AU of xxxHOLiC in which Doumeki is a priest and Himawari takes him to gambling parlours because of reasons. I stopped because the ending of xxxHOLiC makes me so resentful and emotionally exhausted/cheated just to think about, it just wasn't worth it, but I feel like that's a good story that I would like to write. On the other hand, you can't rescue characters from their authors, and no amount of attempts at writing happy idfic will change that. Should I try to write that fic in full, as a birthday present to myself and one of my favorite characters, or should I just let it go?
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I was looking through some old 750 Words entries, and I came across quite a lot of stuff that was going to be history of the rose until that turned into an entirely different fic. But the quality of writing in them is probably better than the actual fic turned out to be (not that I don't love it as it is) and it seems a bit of a shame for them to be lost to the depths of the internets. So! Princess Tutu/Utena crossover bits. )
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I keep forgetting to mention this stuff, but I posted my [ profile] springtime_gen fic! Writing it made me love Scorpius and Astoria quite a lot, and Hermione even more, and gave me a chance to finally articulate the Draco inside my head as separate from the ones in everyone else's heads. I'm not sure I'm quite satisfied with the story itself, but it does make me want to write lots and lots about the weird adorable pseudo-incestuous clan of Hogwarts Classes of 1998 & 1999 (which is apparently what we're calling them now) and their kids.

Also, someone made me a thread on the love meme! Thank you, mysterious person, and also everyone else. I've kind of needed it lately.
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Recently, I noticed that basically all wingfic is about dudes. As usual, I attempt to remedy this.

in which I try and fail to write wingfic: part one )
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I have written fic! Good news: it's several hundred words longer than anything I've written (well, written and posted) for a while. Bad news: it's for a Japanese New Wave film from 1960.



and here is a basic explanation of the film if you haven't seen it but want to read the fic anyway )

Only thematic things are actually resolved in the film, so I wanted to create some closure for some of the actual storyline. That's basically what this fic is for.
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I was expecting my first Korra fic to be that Korra/Bolin/suits fic, or possibly that Korra-gives-the-best-hugs one. Instead it is . . . this. Oh well. I am sensing there will be many Korra fics in my future!
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I keep forgetting to post about it, but [personal profile] roxy_palace did a super-amazing podfic for Evening Beauty, my Madame Zabini fic!

I keep thinking about how I could have phrased things better and being embarrassed by all the things that sound kind of awkward now that someone is reading them, but I'm pretty sure this is a case of me being over-critical of myself.

Anyway, the podfic is really great and you should all go download it here.
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Apparently, when left to my own devices, all I do is play Echo Bazaar and write Tracey Davis poems. (Perhaps there is potential for a crossover in here somewhere.)
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I got an excellent fic for the Magical Girl Fic/Art Swap! It is about Nanami, and Touga, and all the general weirdness surrounding Ohtori. I think it has made me love Nanami even more than I already did! The title is Stage Props, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

I think the fic I wrote is not too shabby either, but that is probably a matter of personal taste. It's a Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Princess Tutu crossover, but a bit more on the Utena side. I'm not entirely sure about my execution of the idea (and feel free to criticize!) but the premise is basically my favorite thing ever.

Also I am trying to make the 'fictional text' tag into A Thing.
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Posted here partly because I still haven't found a satisfactory replacement for GoogleDocs, and partly because I'm out of practice and could really use some advice on it.

Hermione watches them laughing all together, a little group of happy people wearing different colours, and a thought jarred loose by something in that picture floats up into the front of her mind: Yes, this is the war I signed up for. Obviously untrue, of course; she'd never signed up for anything—

Abruptly, Hermione remembers her father's Howard Zinn books, with bent covers and underlined paragraphs and some of them with little marks where her two-year-old self had banged them on things. He used to read them to her at bedtime, and they always made her lie still and quiet, thinking and thinking about war and class differences and racism and history and everything until she finally fell asleep. She'd meant to bring one of them with her this year, but it hadn't quite fit in her trunk. . . .

—But she had, hadn't she. When she was thirteen (yes, thank you, Draco Malfoy and your bigotry), when she was fifteen (just because the slavery is magical doesn't make it better). When she was eight, and she'd asked her mother why her classmates were always making fun of her hair. When she was born.

It's a stupid, heroic thought she's having, too grandiose in scale to have any real relevance to what she's actually doing. Very Gryffindor, she supposes, if that matters. Big and flashy.

Yes. Yes, this is the war I signed up for. And it's the one that matters, so I'm going to win it.
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So now I am home! My last evening in Kansas was spent in the house of a very nice lady I may or may not be distantly related to (she lives across the street from my great-aunt and -uncle, and she was only ever referred to by her name) where I was given a very nice spare bedroom and bathroom all to myself, free run of the kitchen, and REAL FOOD. By this I mean hummus and crackers and carrots and celery, but that makes it no less REAL to someone who has been living off protein bars and carbohydrates for four days. The spare bedroom helped quite a bit too, I think, given that all the forced proximity to my dear family (she says without a trace of sarcasm) had been and still rather is making me angry and snappish about tiny things. I like people! I love people! Just not the same ones for long periods of time without being able to go away and cool off when I need to. *twitchy twitchy twitchy*

Also, related to this, I discovered a lot of my boundary issues, and my opinions of hotels/non-vegetarian restaurants/people who don't cook, and my feelings about + desires for the 'perfect girl' mould (nail polish, makeup, cool clothes, high heels, loud pop music) as armor against mood downswings/fucking up/little things that annoy past the point of tolerance/other stuff that makes me cry. (Having it on won't always work, but maybe it helps, and putting it on usually works. I can blame its not working on not having access to all the things on the list at any given feeling-shitty time.)

However, I have been moderately successful thus far at plotting out the Hermione/Dean acefic! It is kind of big and serious and tackles some of the same wizarding-world issues as the Hufflepuffs-and-Slytherins fic (still on the stove, though back-burner for now), but without the happy escape theme. Well, that'll be there a little bit because it is kind of a Thing for me, but running away into the Muggle world will not fix things even just for them. It sucks and they can't get out because there is no out and things aren't just going to get better and leaving it to other people is not going to fix anything either. And it's going to take them a long time just to find out everything that's wrong and deal with it being that way, never mind fixing it.

. . . it feels like the only longfic I'm capable of producing is Dealing With Canon Issues fic. Eh, that's okay.

Anyway, I wrote a Tracey Davis poem! I think I like this 'writing poetry' thing, though it always feels like NOTHING WILL EVER BE EDITED ENOUGH. This one punctuation choice/line break/word feels a teensy bit off, AAAAAGH IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD. :|
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14. Did you have a gateway fandom? Still in it? Why or why not? Is there a community for it on DW?

I learned about 'fandom'—and, really, the internet—after taking some kind of kids' writing class when I was ten. This girl showed us her Harry Potter script-format fic on one of the nearby computers. It was terrible, but I loved it, and it set me on my life's path. So I suppose Harry Potter was my gateway fandom, in (possible) tandem with the Tamora Pierce books.

Yes, I'm still in HP fandom, even when I don't particularly want to be. It's a time-sucker, especially with that whole 're-re-re-reading fics I already know and love to death' thing I've got going. (Just re-read most of Secret of Slytherin. ALL THE THINGS I LIKE, it has them.) It kept me from doing all the things I really should have done—that I really wanted to do—today; cleaning, doing laundry, walking around, studying for my final that's in two days, not spending the entire day lying around in bed or sitting in a chair. But there are so, so many worthwhile things about it. Even if I kind of hate canon some of the time, I will always love at least a little teensy part of the fandom. It will never be my home fandom, but it will always be there for me.

(Incidentally, I wrote Hogwarts fic!)

My other gateway fandom was—sigh—D.N. Angel. I saw some terrible music video to it back when I was eleven or twelve, and thought it looked pretty cool (even if it was a cartoon). I have never finished the anime or the manga, and I have never actually written fic for it. It is so very terrible in so many ways, not even including the bad science. But it got me into anime and manga, and introduced me to the concept of a phantom thief. I've started (re)reading the manga for Japanese practice now, and oh the memories. (Also, I just learned how to say 'ordinary'!) It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, at least so long as I don't think about it too hard.

Maybe I'll write a crossover or something. It could be fun! Speaking of DNAngel crossovers, this one is fairly good, and helped me realize my love of chase scenes. From either perspective.

15. What's your current obsession? What about it captures your imagination?

SHOES. I don't know why, but I think high heels are positively gorgeous. Of course, if that was all, then I wouldn't care so much about owning and wearing them. I think I love shoes for the same reason I love jackets or dresses or skirts. They look sleek and cool or bright and flouncy, and sometimes both. I also love them the way I love nail polish and lipstick—they're very gender-coded things, and in addition to loving the way they look, I love the way they say "Look at me, I am a girl," and imply all sorts of things by that ("and fuck you," "who wants to stand taller than anyone else," "and I love these colours," among them, usually). I love the way that message can be altered by tacking other things on top of it—facial hair, butch clothes, long unfussy skirts, men's hats—even if I never do.
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Chrome loves kissing people. Quicker and lighter than a hug, a kiss is her thank-you, her goodbye, her I-love-you. Hugs are too close, hugs are traps, hugs are painful and dangerous even if nobody is carrying weapons. But a kiss is fast and intimate and safe, you can kiss someone and step back away faster than they can stop you.

She wants to kiss people on the lips, feel their words stop and their breathing change, but she doesn't want anyone to take it the wrong way. Chrome is not interested in the things people usually pair with kissing; they are messy and time-consuming and awkward. She wants the other things, the smiling faces and warm eyes that say someone is happy when they see her, the friendly affection that is close but not too close.

She gets them.
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. . . so somehow I ended up writing a Madam Zabini fic?

And now I want to write all the Madam Zabini fic, wherein she loves beautiful clothes and shoes and independence, and is a godlike hero-figure to her son even though they're not together much, and likes Hermione a great deal even though they don't have much in common. And after her seventh marriage she retires from the game of romance to design clothes and write a memoir-novel about raising her son amid the tragic deaths of her husbands.

Madam Zabini, WHY SO AWESOME.


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