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So I had a good birthday! The bit last night where I stayed up plotting Laura Hale fic was pretty great, and then the morning-afternoon was only okay, but this evening was super great. I finally broke down and got a hot plate so I can now secretly fry things at hot temperatures for long periods of time and/or cook things that require more than one pot. My (room? ex-room? flat?)mate came back early, and she looks even more gorgeous than she used to (or maybe that's just because everyone looks better with glasses, idk). I ended up cooking dinner really late, and she came in and we had a real conversation (every time we talk for an extended period of time I end up grinning, haha) and she ate some of my food! This is a big thing because she doesn't like vegetables and I'm a vegetarian, but apparently she likes zucchini. :D

And then I finally finished (one of the) Laura Hale fic(s) I've been working on! Longest thing not-for-a-fic challenge I've finished in a while, heh. It's here!

It is also the birthday of one of my favorite characters from a series I ended up (sort of) hating, Doumeki Shizuka of xxxHOLiC! Question: One or two years ago I started writing a rather nebulous medieval fantasy AU of xxxHOLiC in which Doumeki is a priest and Himawari takes him to gambling parlours because of reasons. I stopped because the ending of xxxHOLiC makes me so resentful and emotionally exhausted/cheated just to think about, it just wasn't worth it, but I feel like that's a good story that I would like to write. On the other hand, you can't rescue characters from their authors, and no amount of attempts at writing happy idfic will change that. Should I try to write that fic in full, as a birthday present to myself and one of my favorite characters, or should I just let it go?
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Finally, I can read all those journals marked for 18+ content without having to log out! :D

I got to spend my morning hanging out at the local university's International Fair with people from my Chinese class and the Chinese Student Association! Somehow they managed to all sign a card without me noticing, and my teacher gave me a fold-out jewelry box and the lady selling jewelry (whose name I don't remember, which is a pity b/c I really like her) gave me a very sparkly Sanrio panda keychain.

And I ate some Indian food and got a free copy of the Quran, too. Everyone: if you are in a place that has an international fair of any sort, go to it! They tend to be great, especially if there's food.

Today is also the birthday of Doumeki Shizuka, from xxxHOLiC! I've been writing a fic about him that I've been meaning to write for a while (read: years), so I'll probably finish & post it later today.

Today is also Girls' Day! I have no idea what to do on Girls' Day, except that it's supposed to involve dolls somehow. Oh well.

And now I am off, to buy cute accessories and pretend I have taste. Or maybe not, I'm not sure.
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This is probably my last chance to say this today, so:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HIMEMIYA ANTHY! I love you, I will always love you, I am so glad to have you in my life. One of my favorite characters in anything ever. ♥
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Yesterday was Arisugawa Juri's birthday, and the day before was Mikage Souji's! (By the way, today (though not for much longer) is Alfie Enoch's birthday, the guy who played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter movies.)

I am pretty sure there is only one fictional character's birthday I will ever remember to mention in a timely fashion, and it's on the same day as my own. :/

Does anyone else in my little corner of DW/LJ remember/celebrate* fictional characters' birthdays at all, or am I alone here?

*Read: fail at celebrating.


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