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Inspired by an old post of [personal profile] littlebutfierce, who has been looking for some new tunes lately.

Everybody likes an excuse to talk about their favorite music, right? Recommend me music, recommend other people music, make a specific request for music recommendations you might like, go for it!

Here, I'll go first:

just a few for now )

Also, if anybody wants to rec me some modern/new jazz, that would be lovely!

Please link this post to all your friends, etc etc., so we can get a wider pool of tastes (and more music).
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It may be about New York, but this Vienna Teng song is in some ways the closest possible musical depiction of my feelings towards Shanghai:

also it is a really beautiful song that you should listen to regardless of whether you care about whatever I was doing last year.
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So I somehow stumbled upon this song, this video, this band that is apparently the best thing ever?

The lead singer is a black Japanese trans girl, and she is made of amazing (as are her bandmates, one of whom is I think her sister). They bleach her skin out very badly for most of this video—not in the band's other videos, thankfully—but it's a lovely piece nonetheless.

This band is going to kill me with feelings, I swear. And I can't even find a way to give them money.
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I have finally figured out my favorite genre of music! And it appears to be . . . 80s-90s j-pop. Oi.

(This message brought to you by various magical girl series and the ED of Gundam Wing.)
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I am enjoying Uta no Prince-sama quite a bit! In related news, the only way episode four could have been more of an Utena reference was if they'd found an occasion for Ren to actually say "Baby, you light my heart on fire."

Also, the violin-playing in the opening isn't totally unbelievable! I used to think that no animators in the world actually had a clue about how stringed instruments worked. (Hint: the bow does not go over the fingerboard! There are only four strings, not six. Moving the bow slowly back and forth will not magically produce staccato eighth notes. Et cetera.) These ones also seem to have a reasonable idea of pianos and saxophones! It's very exciting.

The only thing I take issue with, actually, is the lyrics. I know it's idol music & it is not known for the deepest, most meaningful phrasing, but after spending two days listening almost exclusively to Florence + The Machine, Janelle Monae, and Marina and The Diamonds, it almost physically hurts to listen to such fluffy, peppy variations on the 'teenage love song' theme. Mood whiplash to the extreme.
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Comment with "me me me" and:
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

1. Who is your favorite pony in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Read more... )

2. Do you have a favorite ATLA episode? spoilers )

3. What place on earth would you most like to visit? Read more... )

4. What kind(s) of music do you like? Read more... )

5. What fictional character would you most like to meet? Read more... )
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I have lots of THOUGHTS and FEELINGS about everything, and have been torn between "You should post them! Get them out of your head and into the interwebs where someone else could be entertained!" and "No, definitely not! Your thoughts and feelings suck, self. Keep them quiet at least until they're coherent, srsly." But tomorrow I am packing for the NINE-HOUR DRIVE TO KANSAS and FOUR AND A HALF DAYS OF NO COOKING AND NO VIOLIN. Which I forwent practicing today in favour of making dinner, oops. So, since I refuse to depend on crappy hotel wifi unless I really have to, here are some of them.

I hate long car trips. Hatehatehate. I can barely sit still long enough to watch a movie most of the time, and I get a general bleeeeaaagh feeling if I'm confined too long even in a big house with my own room where I don't have to share anything or put up with people if I really don't want to. And this one does not even contain any cousins at the end of it. (Plus I'm skipping my weekly-ish friends meet-up that is the teen library group.) NO FUN, WORLD. NO FUN.

On the other hand, it will force me to focus on novels and history and languages, things which I can have on hand when there's no internet, for at least nine hours total and probably more. Yay, learning things! I've been having sort of a block on novels lately, so maybe this will break that a bit.

Knowing some Japanese is kind of frustrating right now. It's like, I know stuff! But not enough to understand the things I want to read! :| Oh well, it'll get better if I keep practicing. And it's kind of interesting when I'm just starting Latin and Chinese, because with Chinese you get the fun of "Hey, I recognize that hanzi! But I know it's absolutely not pronounced jou." And with Latin, you get the fun of "Yay, easy pronunciation! No extra alphabets! Wait what conjugating nouns WHAT IS THIS MADNESS."

I am going to end up packing All The Language Books tomorrow, I just know it.

Okay, pretty sure Keima (of The World God Only Knows) is asexual. SO MANY NAKED GIRLS. SO MUCH LACK OF SECOND GLANCES. I can't think of any fic to write for this manga, but I'm sure it would be amazing. (Possible KHR crossover?)

I wanted to talk about Utopia of Homosexuality, but it looks like that'll have to wait until I have more sleep and mental distance. I have mixed feelings, by which I mean the manhwa's premise is cool but the execution made me acerage. (Finally, a chance to use this Azula icon! Sorry, lj-ers.)

Lady Gaga's new album has been growing on me. I don't quite know how I feel about it, but I think overall it's better than The Fame Monster. The lyrics are pretty good, and it's all so catchy! I think it was worth the extra money for the deluxe edition just for the Born This Way remix (despite my problems with that song).

I am utterly failing to find Korean counterparts of things like Nurarihyon no Mago or Pandemonium and Parade. This is probably because I'm not looking hard enough, but dammit I could really use some. And I need to go look at that map of the Avatar world so I can figure out where to put alter!Korea. And what to call it.

Ho hum.


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