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I maintain that the only acceptable way to ship Batman/Wonder Woman is Bruce having a ginormous embarrassing crush he completely fails at hiding and Diana patting him on the head as she walks past sometimes.

(like, i love that bit in jla where he rushed to dig her out from under the missile with his almost-bare hands, because it's evidence that bruce, like any other person, has very intense feelings about wonder woman. but you know she would never ever date him.)
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...without 100% promising to keep specific dates, because i failed spectacularly at that last year.

Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. TV, books, movies, comics, fandom, writing, languages, food, travel, fictional characters and all of their feelings, college plans, headcanons, whatever.

dates )

Reminder that prompts are still open, even if i have been terrible at answering them.
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I cooked a giant (for me) family dinner tonight, chinese-style, five dishes + rice, and i washed almost everything and cleaned the whole kitchen. usually i manage one thing and rice, so. WINNER.

Recipes: 红烧茄子/simmer-fried eggplant, 蒜泥茄子/garlic paste eggplant, 青椒炒豆干/green peppers and dry tofu, carrot kinpira, and a sesame oil + celery + garlic thing.

Let me know if you want translations of the Chinese recipes.
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Does anyone have favorite translations of the Odyssey/Iliad/other classical stuff? I've been really wanting to read more of that kind of stuff, but I have roughly zero idea of which translations are good or terrible. (This is a lie, i know of one 100% totally terrible translation of the Odyssey, and it is the reason i am asking this question.)
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So today, I wrote 850 words about what Terry Mcginnis' friends think he does all the time, played the violin for ~1 hour, and liveblogged an episode of The Flash from my phone. My hands hurt but it was totally worth it.

(so if you wanted to know why i don't talk about the flash here, it is because i keep liveblogging the whole thing on tumblr.)
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even though the story-style is pretty different, the setting-style definitely reminds me of stuff like Bubblegum Crisis etc., the kind of retro-futuristic where you’ve got big robots running around and vr helmets for sale but nobody’s ever heard of texting. is this what people mean by ‘cyberpunk’? i like it.

and the buildings! i haven’t watched B:TAS in a long time, and i wasn’t paying attention to this kind of stuff when i did, so i can’t comment on similarities/differences there. but the other superhero shows i’ve seen (from dc or marvel) really don’t have this focus on the surroundings. it feels like a city (buildings reaching up like mountains all around, glowing signs in the dark, grime everywhere — that’s what reads as city to me, and i know that’s a specifically noir thing they’re doing but it matches up with about half my big-city experiences) and more than that, it feels specifically like a takeoff of every old imagining of cyberpunk Tokyo. there’s a lot of big buildings with chinese characters on them for a city that’s supposed to be on the US east coast (and i caught at least one sign in korean too). wonder if they contracted the animation to an east asian studio?

i don’t know what’s going on with this show relative to the rest of the dcu (do other superheroes exist? is this gotham even in the united states? was that cass’ batgirl suit in the cave?) but i’m curious.

for reasons i have previously examined at length, i am not a big fan of batman. i think i could be a fan of terry’s batman, though. (this is an egregious understatement; i have spent a ridiculous amount of time saying “TERRY <3” at my screen these past few days. i like him as batman; i just haven’t decided why.)

i do love straightforward characters like terry. his life plan so far is that he’s gonna wear a super-suit and hit stuff. i mean. what’s not to like?

expanding on that. one of the reasons i’m so dissatisfied with bruce!batman is that his whole schtick is based off of his childhood trauma, and it doesn’t really go any farther than that; his parents got killed in a mugging gone wrong, so to make himself feel better he’s gonna spend his life and his money on beating up muggers — as opposed to, like, spending money and influence to improve living conditions so people won’t feel the need to go out and mug. i like retired!bruce a little better, because he’s dedicated himself to being terry’s mentor/hero support staff. i like terry a lot, because his main motivation for being a superhero is that he just likes doing it.

this show is really in a completely different vein from the superhero stuff i’ve been into lately. i think i’d like to go more in this direction, please.

Batman Beyond is part of that cluster of shows that came out in 1998-99, with Serial Experiments Lain, Cybersix, and Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. i really don’t know enough about the history to comment on this stuff as a whole, but it was definitely something interesting.

(x-posted to tumblr) (tumblr post re: the chinese on buildings)

ETA: [ profile] aintgotnoladytronblues says "terry mcginnis batman is peter parker spider-man but wearing a bat-suit is why he is batman but a batman people who hate batman would like" which is the best possible description.
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I just want to ask everyone's thoughts on having separate names/journals/blogs for original fiction, and on linking/not linking those to one's fannish names or blogs.

(by which i mean, i have made a separate account for my original fiction, and i'm not quite sure if or how i should use it.)
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Just yesterday I was having such a hard time and I couldn't even think of things that would make me happy. But now I think I found one! (the thing in question is GETTING READY TO FIST-FIGHT PEOPLE I DON'T EVEN KNOW over A CHARACTER WHOSE COMICS I HAVEN'T EVEN READ. ah, jason todd. baby.)
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I am decidedly not doing Yuletide this year, because I didn't comment on my last two fic exchange gifts and that is a terrible thing to do to a writer. But I still want to write things! For other people, even!

So I am requesting prompts in the following fandoms:

Shoujo Kakumei Utena (incl. the movie), Harry Potter, Justice League cartoon*, Young Justice*, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ranma 1/2, Pacific Rim**, Iron Man: Armored Adventures*, Hawkeye, KHR, Oresama Teacher, Samurai Champloo. Meta and original fiction also open.

Prompts will remain open until closed
, which means that if I forget to close them you can come back six months later and request 'Natsuo and Aki pick up girls together' and I'll fill it.

*I have seen season one but have not yet finished season two.

**NOT THE SCIENTISTS or any dudeslash really. Mako, Raleigh, Chuck, Stacker, Wei triplets, OCs, worldbuilding.
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Today at work our afternoon receptionist said she really enjoyed seeing me because I was always so positive, it made her happy.

and, like ... she's not wrong, I am always very positive and happy to people at work! and at school! and in general when i go outside to a place where i will be talking to people. Just, there's a difference between being positive and feeling positive, and I am often the first but very rarely the second.

(My first thought was 'ahaha, good to know i can still fake it' but it's not fake, exactly. just wearing a public face.)

Utena fic!

Oct. 12th, 2014 08:03 pm
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Or, more accurately, Kanae fic. this love, empty is 600 words of Kanae having complicated feelings about Anthy. Originally it was going to be several times as long, but a) cutoff point for canon compatibility and b) deadline. maybe a non-canon-compliant sequel in the works? possibly.

Anyway, you should definitely read it. *self-promotes*
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So who else is watching The Flash tv series?
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After all these years, I finally finished reading 07-Ghost! ...I don't know how I feel about it, to be honest.
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Right now I'm following veg recipes of india, Holy Cow Vegan and occasionally Smitten Kitchen. Those are great (some of the most delicious food I've ever made), but I really need more recipes that take fewer ingredients and less time. Or at least ingredients I actually have.

I hate looking for recipe blogs, because about 90% of the vegan/picky vegetarian ones seem to be run by the kind of people who make me really uneasy (the boo honey yay quinoa types), and the other 10% want me to have twelve very specific fresh vegetables on hand at all times. (who just has fennel in their fridge, i ask you.)
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Idle question: is 'good at summarizing stuff' a marketable skill?

--Sincerely, someone who read 1400 pages of discovery and summarized all the heroin death bits
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For some things I feel like cisswaps don't make much difference except as a way to put more girls in the canon -- which, don't get me wrong, I totally love the idea of things i love being exactly the same except with more ladies, but it feels kind of . . . shallow? or something.

And then with other things it makes a HUGE, world-shaking-important difference in my ability to connect with things and enjoy them. Like, take Captain America. Quite plainly, I don't care about the story of Captain America -- I can understand why other people love it, and there's some great fic out there, but overall I am not very invested. But switch Steve for Stella, and suddenly I am ALL OVER it. Because the story of Stella is fundamentally different than the story of Steve, even with every other aspect of her origin story the same.

Just about every aspect of Steve Rogers/Captain America has been analyzed and over-analyzed by people much more invested than me, so I'll leave that where it is. But the story of Stella Rogers/Captain America can go in basically one of two ways: Either you have Stella Rogers waking up into the 21st century and SURPRISE EVERYONE the model of American masculinity was a lady this whole time, or the public face of America's fighting forces in World War 2 is a woman in battle dress. (And either way you have the possibility of super-soldier super-girlfriends, so there's really no angle to lose from.)

... like, i dunno, i'm more interested in stories WITH GENDER STUFF than i am in just stories period. more on this as the story develops.
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so i finally actually watched cap 2! thoughts:

anthony mackie oh my goodness how is he so lovely, i need to watch more things of his, all those gifsets were NOT ENOUGH, what a darling

i have been reading analysis of this movie ever since it came out, because i am fearless when it comes to spoilers, and it’s nice to sit down and be able to pick out all the things i wouldn’t have noticed if other people hadn’t taken the time to write about them

natasha was wonderful, i feel like we got a real sense of her personality in this movie, which we didn’t get in iron man 2 (though i love her there) and i haven’t seen in the bits of avengers that made it to my corner of the internet

i know we are supposed to be feeling really sad about bucky, and i kind of am, but mostly i just want to make out with his arm (i’m SORRY i just really like robots and cyborgs okay)

…it turns out that i am really, really attracted to violence? if that’s the right word. i like a lot of other stuff, but well-done action is just so visceral it goes straight to the ‘yes’ and ‘hell yes’ bits of my brain without bothering to stop by any of the consideration centers first. and while cap 2 does not have the all-around best action scenes of any movie, or even any superhero movie (ghost rider: spirit of vengeance, and i will fight you on this) it has enough good ones that I really noticed. and maybe this was enhanced by watching it with my family, who don’t seem to react the same way. (when i was younger i thought i didn’t like fight scenes! MAKE BETTER FIGHT SCENES, EVERYONE)

wow, that sure was a lot of scenes of bucky picking up the shield relative to his screentime! pretty sure we’re getting bucky!cap in the mcu. (also pretty sure we’re not getting sam!cap, which makes me very disappointed. booo)

overall i think i liked this one better than cap 1, and while i can’t speak to avengers as i haven’t seen it (joss whedon allergy) i do hope the directors come back for other films. they did well by the characters.


it was a decent movie but not amazing* and i think that's my overall experience. like, what do you want from me here. i'm not the kind who's gonna analyze every twinkle in bucky barnes' eye when half the internet has already done the heavy lifting there.

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So I'm writing a Pacific Rim fic and there's a line that will 90% likely not make it to the final draft, and I'm posting it here so I remember how great this thing I accidentally wrote is.

(context: the drift & memory stuff & the possibility of falling into it and never coming up for air again)
don't get lost, mako. this is our heroic journey; ten years at sea and now you must come home.

now I just need someone who actually knows the Odyssey to write Pacific Rim fic for me.
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Watching the Justice League cartoon s1 finale, and it's a pretty good set of episodes so far but it's making me really mad from a history standpoint. WHY ARE YOU ONLY WORRIED ABOUT THE WESTERN FRONT WHEN WORLD WAR 2 WAS WON LARGELY BY THE RUSSIANS.

also why is steve trevor here. go away we don't want you.
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My e.l.f. order arrived today! So many cheap lipsticks/glosses, oh my gosh, I'm so glad I ordered this stuff. I got an eyebrow pencil and some nail polish and other stuff too. (How many eyeliners does one person need? About five, apparently.)

I realized today that it's less than six months till my 21st birthday. Predictions: I will still not be in college. I will be more depressed than I am now, because winter is terrible. I will still not be in consistent contact with most of my friends. I will still be alive. And I will have knitted at least three more hats.


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