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So who else is watching The Flash tv series?
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So I finally watched the last episode of Leverage.


am going to be crying forever.

Oh gosh, it was perfect. It was perfect, and now it's over, and I'm dealing with all the feelings attendant upon that.
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1. so, I've been kinda absent from DW for a while. You know, school, learning, random hand pain, feeling like I shouldn't be bothering people . . . Anything interesting happen lately?

2. Oh my god, why isn't everyone in Iron Man: Armored Adventures fandom? I mean, canon high school AU! Plucky teenage superheroes! And, since it's a high school AU, that means spoilers through like episode four I guess )it's so adorable, I can't take it.

As for the quality of the show itself, unrelated to the high school AU thing: it is okay! Like, this isn't A:TLA or anything, but it's on like a White Collar level or so. Not super incredible awesome, but good-ish? A large part of the draw for me is the high school AU factor (I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL AUS and also it is very interesting to see Tony Stark go through all his crises as a teenager instead of a middle-aged dude) but the writing is quite good, the animation is computer rather than hand-drawn but still looks decent (if not detailed), and the overall plotting is pretty good so far. It's nice to see more of Rhodey and Pepper than we do in the films (can't speak for the comics, of course) and -- well, I thought they were going to go somewhere awful and racist with the Mandarin, but then they turned it around and did something not awful. I actually like him.

Long story short: so far (s01e07), it is a decent show that you should watch so I can talk to you about it!
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It's really strange how I can not get into some big fannish shows at all (Merlin, Teen Wolf) on their own merits -- I watched them so I could be in the fandom, but couldn't take any more after two seasons -- and yet be totally invested in Charmed almost right away. Not once did I want to watch more of either Merlin or Teen Wolf except in a sort of abstract keeping-up-with-the-Joneses way, but even though Charmed is no Leverage, I'm starting enjoy it a lot!

...well, I thought it was strange, until I spotted Javier Grillo-Marxuach's name in the credits! If that name doesn't sound familiar, you might remember him better as creator of The Middleman.
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It's so strange seeing everyone's Wednesday Reading posts on Wednesday now. (Last year, bc of the time zone thing, they would usually show up sometime on Thursday, and I would go 'oh, too late to do that tonight, take care of it tomorrow'. But I wasn't reading a lot of books at the time, so I switched to general media consumption.)

I'm re-reading The Serpentine Subterfuge, the sequel to The Pureblood Pretense, which is billed as 'an Alanna the Lioness take on Harry Potter.' Both are a) brilliant, and b) wonderfully long. The second one is not yet finished, but just re-reading it is giving me so many FEELINGS I just have to talk about it. spoilers for the fic )

They're both great fics with wonderful characterization (for everyone) and a very good plot. I like them more than either Song of the Lioness or Harry Potter, and you should absolutely go read them. No, please. I'll wait.

After going sour on White Collar, I went back and watched some episodes of Leverage. What an amazing show! I love all the team moments, and the little tidbits of backstory, and the 'weeeee just got away with muuuurdeeeerrr' success music. I think my main problem with White Collar is that it just doesn't have that sort of structure; it's such a plot-driven show. Case of the week/Kate/music box/other piece of overarching plot. Whereas Leverage is really a show about the team (and how they will BREAK YOUR HEART, I'm looking at you Eliot and Parker and Hardison) and . . . well, it's like Parker said: sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get.

If you think about it, the Leverage team aren't exactly good people; they've lost a lot of people their jobs, they've probably accidentally killed a bunch of people, and in the past they used to be even worse. But if you go to them as a last resort, there's no one who will go to bat for you harder.

Since my dad's boss is letting us use her Netflix, I started watching Protect the Boss! It's a kdrama, pretty good, but I have such mixed feelings on it. I mean, the heroine can beat up a bunch of mobsters or strangle-tie a sexual harasser to a sink with his own tie . . . but also, she works for a boss who is super tsundere and also refuses to admit he has agoraphobia/social anxiety. (I mean, it's adorable when he's out in the dark and something scares him and he's like "Aaaaa! No Eun-Seol! No Eun-Seol! Where are you?" but that doesn't make him a good person.) And her work environment is like the worst. Everyone thinks she pulled strings to get a job she's not qualified for, and maybe that she's sleeping with her boss, and his ex-girlfriend hates her, and . . .

I hate shows like that, where it's just like YOU WANT SOME MICRO-AGRESSIONS? HERE, WE BROUGHT EXTRA! I mean, yeah, accurate depictions of sexism in the workplace, sure, but also I don't wanna deal with that shit on television any more than I wanna deal with it IRL. If No Eun Seol doesn't get to punch every one of those jerks in the face, what's the point?

Could somebody rec me some lady-heavy j-dramas or Chinese/Taiwanese dramas? I need to practice my language skills, and I want to practice my 'liking television shows' skills.
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I've started watching White Collar! Fewer ladies than I'd like, and a lot of them have exactly the same hairstyle so I can't tell from episode to episode if Villain Lady A later becomes Consultant Lady B. It's kinda white so far as well. On the other hand, one of the recurring ladies in the supporting cast is WENDY WATSON FROM THE MIDDLEMAN, which makes me ridiculously happy and gives me even more desire to write Middleman crossovers with all the things. Though it looks like she leaves after one or two seasons, sigh.

I think one of the other reasons I don't like it as much as Leverage is because it's less of an ensemble show and more of a show about Neal Caffrey and his problems. Neal Caffrey, you are a fairly interesting guy, but I wanna know more about the lady you live with and more about Elizabeth and more identity/backstory for Kate besides 'your girlfriend'. And Jones! I want Jones to get backstory and characterization and stuff. (Yeah, yeah, this is not Elementary and he is not Detective Bell, I know.)

...But my main problem with this show is that it's giving me sympathy and understanding for all those people who want to bang Matt Bomer.
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I have finally started watching Psych! It's a good show, but man . . . I don't understand how Shawn manages to convince anyone that he's psychic. I am choosing to believe that the police chief is pretty sure he's not actually psychic, and she just doesn't care so long as he keeps being right.

Shawn and Gus are adorable, though! They have one of my favorite dynamics, in which Ridiculous Talented Dude would absolutely die without his less-talented-in-their-field-of-interest companion. Like, seriously, if Gus wasn't around to shut him down when he needs it somebody would definitely have stabbed Shawn by now just to make him shut up.

Also, I hope that a giant subgenre of Psych fic is Shawn-becomes-actually-psychic-and-everyone-laughs-at-him fic. Because reasons.


I have one more episode of Leverage left. *quiet sobbing*

(I got my family to watch the first episode, though! And they liked it!)


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