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Does anyone have favorite translations of the Odyssey/Iliad/other classical stuff? I've been really wanting to read more of that kind of stuff, but I have roughly zero idea of which translations are good or terrible. (This is a lie, i know of one 100% totally terrible translation of the Odyssey, and it is the reason i am asking this question.)
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I just want to ask everyone's thoughts on having separate names/journals/blogs for original fiction, and on linking/not linking those to one's fannish names or blogs.

(by which i mean, i have made a separate account for my original fiction, and i'm not quite sure if or how i should use it.)


Nov. 5th, 2013 01:24 pm
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I have to make a 6-8 minute persuasive speech for speech class in like a week, and i have NO IDEA what I'm doing.

Or rather, I have several topics I could use, but none that I particularly want to use, and in the spirit of a true college student, I have decided to ask the internet for help!

something about the importance of critiquing the things you like, aka validity & importance of critiquing pop culture

emotional honesty vs. literal honesty?

the past is a foreign country; and, as with all foreign countries, its inhabitants are not nearly as stupid as most people have been lead to believe

something something importance of studying/experiencing foreign language and culture

...only it has to be something I can make & use visual aids for. And something that fits well in six to eight minutes of time. Ugh. I am okay at and can even like making speeches, but I HATE trying to pick topics & prepare for them.

help me~ o/

ETA: ooh! or i could do something on the importance of children's/YA literature!

book recs?

Apr. 16th, 2013 07:08 pm
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Okay, this is me giving in: please recommend me all the Chinese novels you can. Japanese, too, but preferably not light novels as the bookstores here almost never have the first one. There also seem to be quite a lot of German and French novels in Shanghai's largest bookstore (translated, ofc) so I suppose if you have any great favorites I can go have a look.

The usual caveats: lots of ladies if possible, bonus points for music, and also I just bought all nine books of Legend of the Sun Knight so that is already covered. My chinese is pretty bad so easy stuff would be great, but I suspect I will not get this chance to buy large amounts of books in Chinese super cheaply again, so anything is good.
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How difficult is it to run a ficathon/fest/prompt meme thingie? School is starting in about a week, but I keep wanting to do that Everyone But The White Guys thing I talked about once. I've been noticing a lot lately how, for instance, the Teen Wolf fandom is aalllll about Sterek (the two white dudes who barely even interact) while ignoring or hating on the actual Latino protagonist and his kickass girlfriend. And I am really, really not here for that stuff, so I want to make a thing to counteract that trend just a little.

Living alone & taking classes in a foreign country is really attention-sucking, though, so I want to make sure this is something I could run while also doing that. Experience/opinions/advice?
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I am feeling pretty alone and in a not-so-great headspace right now; my RL friends are all quite busy lately and I don't want to bother them, and I haven't been particularly inspired or interesting lately so I haven't been posting much here. But I just want to talk to people.

So, um, if anyone wants to talk to me about anything, anything at all, now would be a good time. Here is my phone number, those of you who have access to it and would like to text me (or call, if you want—I'm a little out of practice talking to people on the phone, though, and I'm going to bed pretty soon).
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Goodness, I think this is the longest period of radio silence I've had on this journal in months! Possibly the longest ever. Eventually I will comment on everyone's entries and post all those lovely things I've been planning to talk about.

However, right now I need recommendations for Japanese films (animated or live-action) from the last thirty years or so, so I have something to write my next paper on. Please? *_*

Recommendations for TV shows in Mandarin Chinese are also very welcome.
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So, it appears I will (probably) be going to China this fall! For a year. Eeeeeeee! \o/ And also ack. But. Yay!

Gentlepeople, would you happen to have a recently-updated list of websites blocked/not blocked in mainland China? So far I am steeling myself for a lack of YouTube, Tumblr, PirateBay, and Twitter. (Also, if any of you would be willing & able to tell me how to create rss feeds for certain tumblrs, twitters, etc. that would be amazing.)

I am trusting y'all to give me download links to Korra & similar while I'm there, btw.
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QUICK! Someone tell me whether I should ask for Janelle Monae - Works or Tiger & Bunny fic in my Kaleidoscope sign-up.

(Or possibly Natsume, but I feel like I shouldn't be asking for fic until I catch up on the canon. And I would totally ask for Sarai-ya Goyou, except I will be the only one offering it. Sob.)
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Can someone please start having an interesting discussion with me so I can concentrate on something other than how much it sucks to be on Day 3 of The Killer Cold From Hell?

Starter topics: why the Fire Nation's god has an Indian name, why shopping for food and cookware is so much more fun than shopping for clothes, little amazing things about Shoujo Kakumei Utena/your fandom or work of choice, what is the fandom you're kind of embarrassed to be in, what anime/movie/drama/manga I absolutely HAVE to read/watch right now.

Anything. I just need to talk.
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Can I ask you to list all the Journey to the West analyzation/criticism/references/reworkings you know? I'm asking partly for schoolwork reasons, and partly for curiosity.

Reworkings/references I know about: Saiyuki, Dragonball, Laurence Yep's dragon quartet, springgreen's American Gods fic, the hachimaki episode of Doraemon. I know there are lots more I'm not thinking of right now or just don't know, and I'm mostly unfamiliar with academic scholarship on the subject (will attempt to rectify today, between classes).
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I probably shouldn't use this journaling platform as a place to ask ridiculously obvious questions that everybody else in the ENTIRE WORLD knows the answer to, but Google is no help and neither is my mom.

R-list, please tell me how citations actually work. I get the superscript-number-leading-to-footnote-with-source-info bit, but not what needs to be cited. I mean, if I'm talking about a specific event that I got out of a specific book, that needs one, but what about 'white usually symbolizes purity' or 'Krishna is blue'?
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I'm suffering from a terrible, terrible temptation. It's truly awful; I can't believe I'm even thinking of considering to entertain such an idea. But I can't help it. *sadface*

You see, this Harry Potter fic I'm kind-of-sort-of working on is the equivalent of the (last part of the) Utena movie, in its basic plot (a bunch of people want to get away to the outside world, some of them turn into vehicles so they all can, everybody escapes and is happy). So I was thinking hmmm, wouldn't it be fun to come up with a title that referenced the movie?

And then, later today, something made me think of Evangelion, and that one spin-off manga I really liked (but never finished). You know the one: Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku, aka NGE Academy: Record of Heaven's Descent, that second half also sometimes translated as Apocalypse. Since the Utena movie's title is Adolescence Apocalypse . . . hmm.

So now I desperately want to call this here Harry Potter fic Record of Hogwarts Dissent -- since, you know, it's about a bunch of students at Hogwarts and their disbelief in and resistance against the dominant social paradigm.* Even though I know the literal definition of 'apocalypse' is something like 'unveiling' or 'revelation', and the thing I'd be referencing is not actually the thing I want to allude to. That is to say, I would technically be referencing it, but by way of alluding to something else that is mostly unrelated and therefore pointless.

Naturally, I would be VERY GRATEFUL if anyone would help me come up with a better title. *nudge nudge*

*I can totally use big words like all you smart people! See?
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I keep seeing that WIP meme around my f/r-list, and thinking I should do it, only to realize that I only have like two WIPs that I'm even sort of working on. Hmmm.

Anyone have suggestions for fandoms (other than Harry Potter) that could really use some long plotty (even if the plots are ridiculous) fic? I'm just drawing blanks on A:TLA and my other usual fandoms for this sort of thing. *cough* Though if you have a great big ridiculous A:TLA plot you don't feel like writing, feel free to pass it on. . . .
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A few months back, a friend of mine lent me the first season of Stargate: SG-1. In that time, I have watched three episodes, the last of which was so fail-y I actually cried (while yelling at the screen). Imperialism and inaccuracy, hooray. -_-

So, my question: do I try to watch the rest, deconstructing as I go? Do I pop my friend's bubble of enjoyment by saying "this has too much fail, I can't stand it"? Or do I semi-lie and say I just don't have enough time to watch the rest of it?

The first one is probably a worthwhile pursuit, but I'm not sure I'm up to it. Thoughts?


Dec. 1st, 2010 07:39 pm
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Okay, reading list, the time has come. Hands up everyone who can read something over from a tiny Yuletide fandom and tell me if my tone switch in the middle is weird, please? (I'm pretty sure this isn't something you need to know the canon for at all, if that helps.)
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My dear friends and relations, it is That Time Of The Year again. And by That Time Of The Year, I mean that these twenty nonfiction books scattered around me that I haven't read yet and [community profile] leftoverresearchquarterly  are clearly not enough to get my nerdly/writerly synapses going again and I NEED NONFICTION RECS LIKE BURNING.

(Also, I adore reading other people's research notes. Or notes about research. Or posts like this, with all the awesome comments.)

Nonfiction/non-music podcast recs would be nice, too. I love the history of the Roman Empire, but when I can, off the top of my head, name more than twenty rulers of Rome, their good points, their bad points, and their causes and suspected causes of death, it's probably time to find a podcast about ancient China or something instead.

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Day 09 - Best scene ever

This is definitely not a question I can answer definitively, so I'll just talk about all the ones I can think of. Beware of spoilers, though I'll try to speak of things in oblique terms so you can forget them easily afterward.

Utena opening the Rose Gate in episode 39 is a powerful, powerful moment (as is the scene that follows). She has been betrayed by the one she sought to save, her heart-sword has been ripped from her chest, and she just got stabbed. But she doesn't stop, she doesn't give up; she gets up, she runs, she pushes right past Akio and pries open the Rose Gate with her bare hands.

That one guy's death in Samurai Champloo. He can go home and apologize to his mother for what he's done, it's all worked out, they're going to get away, Fuu saved the day again with her magic powers of talking-people-out-of-things, it's all going to be fine -- and then he gets shot right in front of her. I love that scene, because it makes my heart hurt. (Same goes for several of Cowboy Bebop's death scenes, by the way. They're beautiful because they make me outright sob.)

"So long as you call me that, my name is . . . Roger Smith." I shall save all my Dorothy love for later. Just know that she is a badass android teenager who spends all her time criticizing the hero's bad taste and playing the piano loudly while he's trying to sleep.

[Big fat huge spoiler removed]'s death in Trigun. You don't see that kind of thing often, and it may be the most powerful death scene I've ever watched. Because in the end, he wanted to live.

. . . Everything else I can think of is either incredibly incredibly spoiler-y, or something I haven't seen animated/filmed. So I'll end it here for now.


Oh, one important thing! I have about ten books on Chinese language and history I'm reading/studying right now, several novels I'm trying to finish, most of my Geometry and Chemistry self-study-thing, a skirt, and a shawl, all of which need to be finished by the end of the month, and the first season of A:TLA to watch in a single week. Also I have a lot of writing to catch up on.

So, obviously the thing I need to do most right now is ASK FOR MORE NONFICTION/EDUCATIONAL FICTION RECS. |D

. . . Stuff about Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East would be nice, since I have no idea what to start with there. Also books about Chinese -- not just 'here, vocab and grammar', but actual analysis and history -- would be really great. Really interesting stuff on East Asia is also excellent, but I already have at least somewhere to begin there.

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Prompts time! :D Ignore the fact that I'm already working on twenty different stories, including the dark_agenda challenge, and that I still haven't gotten around to writing out any of the prompts I got last time. (Although that's because I was given prompts for single scenes and want to write novels. ^ ^;;)

Don't even bother narrowing it down to things you want me to write -- I just want to hear about other people's ideas, what they want to see. I've spent the past week binging on meta about race and queerness and privilege, and now I want to see the other kind, the kind that's not so much about the fandom-people as it is the fandom-fic. (Also I want to talk about things that would be totally awesome. Rurouni Kenshin in [personal profile] branchandroot 's Global Steam world! Narcissa Malfoy as Potions Professor! Hikaru no Go with giant robots!)

AU meme!

Apr. 23rd, 2010 07:53 pm
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(Taken from incandescens)

For some reason, I can't write any of the things I should be writing right now. Obviously, the solution is to get more things to write! :D

Give me an AU and I'll write you a short scene from it.

It can be an AU with a change of events ("What if X had followed Y's order to stay in position?"), or an AU with a different setting ("What if Sakura was looking for feathers in the Doctor Who universe?"), or a direct crossover if you want.

Fandoms: Bleach (the earlier bits; I'm not very familiar with things after the SS arc), Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Harry Potter, xxxHOLiC, Utena, Hikaru no Go, Discworld, Fullmetal Alchemist (manga), Otomen (okay yes I know exactly how shallow it is, but since I'm already attempting an Utena crossover with it I'm willing to try), Neon Genesis Evangelion (which I . . . haven't watched in several years), Ranma (same), as well as any other fandoms you know I'm in and want to torture me with. :D


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