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Despite the few issues I am having with St Trinian's 2 (dear editors, there was no reason to keep cutting between those two scenes) I am enjoying the hell out of it. Especially the section of the plot that had no conceivable starting point in the writers' heads except FABULOUS CROSS-DRESSING. I would have liked that part to be longer! :D
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"Those are horrendous business practices and the Japanese Tax Office will not stand for it!"

hi everyone, meet Minako, she is amazing.
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And now Mamoru is back in his tuxedo and sunglasses, only this time he is wearing DIFFERENT SUNGLASSES. WITH HIS TUXEDO.

Sorry, man. This habit of yours will never stop being hilarious to me.

Also I love how he is TELEPATHIC. But, apparently, only to warn Usagi when she needs to attack. This is a boyfriend superpower I am okay with!

And his hat fell off. Awww.

Ami is super cute! I love how Usagi isn't envious of her at all, she just thinks Ami is amazing for studying so hard and being so brilliant. And she's just so happy that Ami is a guardian too! In that end-of-chapter panel, she is clearly thinking of fistbumps and post-fight friendly ice-cream dates.

Beryl's generals clearly have no idea what the hell this Ginzuisho they're supposed to be looking for is. And that little pause after Nephrite asks her is totally her going "Oh, yeah, I kinda forgot to tell you. Oops."
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"That hurt, you know!"

Yes, Mamoru, because getting crumpled-up paper thrown at your sunglasses is SUPER PAINFUL. *eyeroll*

No, Usagi, it's not the tuxedo at all! It's the tuxedo plus the sunglasses. Even if I should for some reason be wearing sunglasses with my tuxedo, those would not be the ones I would pick!

She's right, though, he does totally look like a pretentious jerk. XD

Also aaaaa I love her little mask-glasses-thing. It's beautiful. That is, like, Magic-Kaito-levels of not!disguise right there. And they can hone in on supernatural trouble! Super cool.

(And oh Mamoru. Lurking behind that corner with his giant top hat.)

I love how Usagi's speech is clearly just her letting her mouth run to stall for time until she can think up a name. USAGI ILU.

Those empty-eyed grinning brainwashed people are actually super adorable.

Tuxedo Mask: I MIGHT HAVE TO DO SOMETHING oh wait no she totally has it handled, I can just look all impressive at her and leave. Okay!

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Have just bought first volumes of Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga. EXCUSE ME, TIME FOR AWESOME.

First pages in full colour, aaaaaaa! UPDATES TO FOLLOW.
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I am having problems with my term paper, namely because part of it is analyzing Monkey's role in American Born Chinese and it's really, really hard for me to separate any part of that book from the rest, because everything plays in to everything else. And my teacher probably has not read it, so I'm trying to give a sense of things without summarizing the whole damn book.

Basically I LOVE THIS BOOK FOR EVER AND EVER, and fjdksjfd;ad the transformers, oh my god, and Wei-Chen says right out in the beginning that his toy-robot-that-can-change-into-a-robot-monkey was given to him by his father, and I love the trick of having 'ha ha ha ha' or 'clap clap clap' along the bottom of every Chin-Kee-related panel, and that even though the book's written and sfx-ed in English, all Monkey's writing and calling-your-attacks are in Chinese.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's way super hard to write about because of all the reasons I love it, but no way am I ever going to stop.
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I have to say, I'm really liking this device I've seen in a couple of josei manga of giving the love interest an awesome girlfriend so the main character can focus on the rest of her life instead of trying to woo him. After reading endless shoujo manga where the main character is always hyper-focused on the romantic lead (and if he has or gets a girlfriend it's the end of the world and the girlfriend is an evil bitch) it's really refreshing.

Also, you know who I want to be when I grow up? Shimogura Shougo. HELL YEAH. If I go into theatre instead of linguistics, it can be entirely blamed on him.

I want to take every panel that has his face in it and frame them, because that is one GODDAMN AWESOME face.
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I just watched episode eight of Nobuta wo Produce. Oh god oh god oh god. MY HEART. ;_;


I don't care if no one believes me . . . but I need to know that these two do.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I have a billion other things to post about but I thought everyone should be aware of HOW GODDAMN MUCH I LOVE THIS SHOW. WHY HAVE YOU NOT WATCHED IT YET OH MY GOD, PUT YOUR LIFE ON HOLD RIGHT NOW. THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT.
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Okay, I've been reading Katekyou Hitman Reborn. What's exceptional about that, you ask? I read things all the time without squeeing over them to my f-list.

Just this:


No, seriously. It is. How many characters do you know whose catchphrase is "I'll just bite you to death,"? How many are spectacularly clumsy without members of their mafia family near them, but when said men are present are a total badass? How many are as purely awesome as Squalo? Also Squalo has fantastic hair. *fangirls*

And AHAHAHAHA at chapters 224-228. Xanxus is all "Go ahead, attack me, whatever. I'll just kick your ass without even moving. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to practice my slouching." And then Byakuran tells Tsuna-tachi "I totally knew what you were doing all along. Behold! My back-up plan! *smile* " And then he leaves and his opposition goes "I also have a back-up plan for just such an occasion!" (See what I did there? No spoilers!)

If the fights didn't last so freaking long this would be competing with Bakuman and xxxHOLiC for my favourite ongoing manga. ♥


ETA: BIANCHI! I can't believe I forgot Bianchi. She is the only female character in a comic I've ever thought was actually hot. And she can cook. BIANCHI ILU. ♥ ♥

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Oh, Alexius. ♥ ♥ ♥

If I am allowed to have intellectual crushes on dead Byzantine emperors, Mr Badass-at-Diplomacy, you are definitely it.

HE EXEMPLIFIES MY FAVOURITE KIND OF CHARACTER EVER OKAY, SHUT UP ALL OF YOU *doesn't know much about him beyond that podcast, and doesn't really care*
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I've just started reading Demian, and it's wonderful! I am only 30 pages in, but I'm starting to sense a bit of Utena-ish-ness already. We've just met Demian -- he is a prince, I think. The real kind.

I need to re-watch Utena, after I get my computer to play audio and video files again without freaking out

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I'm rewatching Initial D in the hopes of actually finishing it this time, and . . .

Well . . .

fdas;ljkdsjf NATSUKI IS SO CUTE. Seriously, she kills me with the adorable-ness. "Nee, Takumi, let's go on a nice long drive this summer! To the ocean! And I have a new bathing suit and I dragged you up to the roof just so I could tell you this!" I just want to hug her. D'awwwwww.

Sadly, from what people have told me she doesn't show up as much after First Stage. :( I might just not watch the others.
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I'm really liking Tou no Chuujou (The Secretary Captain). He's Genji's best friend and is super awesome. When Genji goes off alone to visit his lover in the middle of nowhere, Tou no Chuujou follows him at a distance and waits for him outside to say what comes down to "If I followed you, other people can too. Bring some goddamn bodyguards with you next time, 'kay?"

Of course, I'm pretty sure any brigands who might set upon him would immediately be dazzled by his blinding good looks. Seriously, the dude's so handsome that when he gets a ridiculously high promotion, no-one feels jealous of him -- they're too happy that they get to see him more. :D

I also love Taifu, even if I'm pretty sure we'll never see her again. She's the one female character who's definitely Genji's friend and not his lover.

I've saved the best for last, though. *divine trumpet-blowing* Genji gets an awesome and slightly hilarious moment of Ho Yay with his uncle/father-in-law (his father's young wife's brother, hereafter referred to as His Highness of War.) Well, more like twenty minutes of Ho Yay -- look, I can't do it justice, so I'll just quote it here.

His Highness received Genji when he learned that he was there. Elegant and romantically languorous as His Highness was, Genji speculated privately about the pleasures of his company if he were a woman and, having a double reason to feel close to him, engaged him in intent conversation. His Highness for his part noticed how much more open and easy Genji was than usual, liked his looks a great deal, and, being unaware that Genji was his son-in-law, indulged his roving fancy in the pleasure of imagining him, too, as a woman.

Genji and His Highness of War spend time talking and imagining having sex with each other. Yes.

And we're not even 150 pages in.

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I love that I'm far enough into the Tale of Genji to have an actual favourite character. Didn't think I'd be able to, considering what kind of book it is, but I simply adore Koremitsu. He may technically be Genji's foster brother, but really he's basically a Made-of-Awesome butler. Did I mention that I think he's made of awesome? He's made of awesome.

Discreet awesome. With lots of good-natured errand-running.


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