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From [personal profile] alexseanchai: what I love about Sailor Moon.

This is easy!

Full cast of ladies. You know how in a lot of stories it is literally a man's world, with maybe two or three girls—and this happens even in things where a girl is the main character? Sailor Moon is ALL GIRLS ALL THE TIME. Not just Usagi and the other senshi—most of their villains and even most of the minor bit-part characters are ladies. It is just so unbelievably refreshing to see something that's just as all-ladies-always as the stuff I write myself.

Queer characters. It's been twenty years and you still can't find stuff as queer as this manga. Bisexual characters, lesbians, canonical genderqueer character, at least one asexual character. Reading Sailor Moon is absolutely living the representational dream, for me.

Tsukino Usagi, lazy crybaby bisexual dream girl.

Chiba Mamoru, Usagi's #1 partner, best dude, badly-dressed professional kidnappee.

Tenou Haruka, juggling sailor senshi duties with being Michiru's full-time girlfriend AND Japan's most famous racecar driver. Queerest of queers.

Aino Minako, love-and-beauty pop-star team leader, who always falls in love but will never, ever let romance come between her and her duty.

Setsuna and Michiru and Haruka all shacking up together to raise baby Hotaru.

Takeuchi Naoko's drawing style, which is a bit limited in some ways—Usagi's supposed to be chubby, but you can't tell at all—while also being one of my favorite things ever. It conveys emotion really, really well, and it's cute and funny and beautiful. So many little details.

That one time evil!Mamoru brainwashed Motoki into thinking he was his best friend because evil!Mamoru needed information, and they've been friends ever since.

Neo Queen Serenity: you can FEEL how kind and loving and strong she is, and you can tell at once that Usagi will grow to be that person, not too far in the future.

How destiny is intermingled with choice; Ace might have told Minako that it was her fate to never have love, only her duty, but the truth is this: Minako decided to hold her duty to the princess above all things. She decides every day. For all of the sailor senshi, their destiny isn't something forced upon them; it's the end result of their own choices. Given the chance, not a single one of them would turn away.

Still a lot of open spots in the meme, give me more things to talk about please!


Sep. 11th, 2013 05:34 pm
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I don't think I will ever be able to properly explain how important Neo Queen Serenity is to me. spoilers for v. 5 of the manga )

Anyway, I have a lot of FEELINGS which I don't think I can ever really express coherently. And the little between-chapter doodles of Usagi and Chibi-Usa are so cute!
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This is not the FEELINGS ABOUT GENDER thing I have been planning to post, nor is it the request for veganish recipes I was going to post. Instead, I shall use this space to note that I now have the third volume of Sailor Moon! And the cover is absolutely gorgeous.

I may or may not have shouted "Mars Power!" upon receiving it.

Evil!Mamoru looks like a total tool, by the way.
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"Those are horrendous business practices and the Japanese Tax Office will not stand for it!"

hi everyone, meet Minako, she is amazing.
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And now Mamoru is back in his tuxedo and sunglasses, only this time he is wearing DIFFERENT SUNGLASSES. WITH HIS TUXEDO.

Sorry, man. This habit of yours will never stop being hilarious to me.

Also I love how he is TELEPATHIC. But, apparently, only to warn Usagi when she needs to attack. This is a boyfriend superpower I am okay with!

And his hat fell off. Awww.

Ami is super cute! I love how Usagi isn't envious of her at all, she just thinks Ami is amazing for studying so hard and being so brilliant. And she's just so happy that Ami is a guardian too! In that end-of-chapter panel, she is clearly thinking of fistbumps and post-fight friendly ice-cream dates.

Beryl's generals clearly have no idea what the hell this Ginzuisho they're supposed to be looking for is. And that little pause after Nephrite asks her is totally her going "Oh, yeah, I kinda forgot to tell you. Oops."
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"That hurt, you know!"

Yes, Mamoru, because getting crumpled-up paper thrown at your sunglasses is SUPER PAINFUL. *eyeroll*

No, Usagi, it's not the tuxedo at all! It's the tuxedo plus the sunglasses. Even if I should for some reason be wearing sunglasses with my tuxedo, those would not be the ones I would pick!

She's right, though, he does totally look like a pretentious jerk. XD

Also aaaaa I love her little mask-glasses-thing. It's beautiful. That is, like, Magic-Kaito-levels of not!disguise right there. And they can hone in on supernatural trouble! Super cool.

(And oh Mamoru. Lurking behind that corner with his giant top hat.)

I love how Usagi's speech is clearly just her letting her mouth run to stall for time until she can think up a name. USAGI ILU.

Those empty-eyed grinning brainwashed people are actually super adorable.

Tuxedo Mask: I MIGHT HAVE TO DO SOMETHING oh wait no she totally has it handled, I can just look all impressive at her and leave. Okay!

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Have just bought first volumes of Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga. EXCUSE ME, TIME FOR AWESOME.

First pages in full colour, aaaaaaa! UPDATES TO FOLLOW.


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