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People are returning to school & thus I may once again borrow internet from the nice people upstairs! & so, ELEMENTARY.

episode sixteen, the only one where I had both internet access and reactions so strong they needed to be put in type )

I love how they are being introduced as "Holmes & Watson" now. I don't think I can put together all the reasons quite why that makes me so happy, but it really really does!

Also, can we please have some ridiculous AUs? Admittedly, I haven't been looking for fic while I wasn't caught up on the show, and it's probably harder to come up with AUs more ridiculous than half of canon (the art thieves episode!) but seeing Joan at that table in glasses makes me want maybe something where she is an architect or a comic book artist or something like that, and Holmes is her utterly ridiculous assistant who positively dances attendance on her while also being totally, totally self-centered.

And somebody somewhere mentioned an AU where Joan is a Catholic schoolgirl and Holmes is a troublemaker and they do fantastic things together, and I want someone to write that so I can read it.

I even want the terrible stupid coffeeshop AUs. what is this fandom doing to me.
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Can I just say how much I love that Holmes & Watson take the subway everywhere, and will never, ever stoop to using taxis even when carrying around super-expensive things? Because I do.

also Holmes I don't think that's the kind of painting you should be carrying around rolled up tight like that you'll crack the paint

"Your Honor, it's true, we abetted in grand larceny—" Sometimes I feel like Elementary is basically Friendship and Hijinks, The Show. Like, you know how I always want fic that is just about the characters hanging out having character development and doing wacky things? This show is starting to be that fic.

I feel like Holmes is going to be putting up billboards proclaiming Joan's greatness any day now SHE SOLVED MURDERS SHE SAVED MY LIFE SEE EVERYONE JOAN IS AMAZING LOOK LOOK LOOK and then he will pretend that he needed the billboards to catch a killer because he is like that.

I like that even though Joan's mother is portrayed as being pretty, well, 'normal' (kind of traditional maybe) and she thinks Holmes is kind of a weirdo and doesn't agree with her daughter's career choices—she wants Joan to be happy. And not in a 'this is kind of okay' way, but in a way where Joan can really get the chance to enjoy herself.

I really enjoyed this episode overall (more heist-y and less gory than usual, too) and I hope we get to see more of Joan's family in the future!

ETA: I really hope we get some kind of car-jacking episode or something in the future, because Holmes messing around with that lock really reminded me that Alfredo used to steal cars.

Also, I hope at some point in the post-sober-companion future Holmes and Watson BOTH get introduced/introduce themselves as police consultants. That would be amazing.
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"Do you want to ask me how I knew that?" Detective Bell YOU ARE SO PERFECT

wow I am actually trusting this show to deal with Chinese gambling and not fuck it up, this never happens

spoilers for Elementary 1.09 )
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I like that watching five TV shows/films at once and quoting lines from them wasn't just a one-off thing he did to mess with Joan, and I love that she is so good at handling him and his issues.

God I love the credits for this show.

spoilers for Elementary 1.08 )
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Elementary episode five:

Yay, Joan gets to explain a deduction! She is a baby investigator and she is Learning Things. (Sherlock is also Learning Things, but these are mostly along the lines of learning to respect people's boundaries.)

"--failed Sapphic dalliance—fingers crossed for the last one--" me too, Holmes, me too. Maybe they can pick it up again later.

I love how he just yells "WATSOOOON! 'S FOR YOU!" It's just cute for some reason. And I think he's called her Joan before—she, at least, has called him both 'Sherlock' and 'Holmes'—so I like the possibility here that they are comfortable using both first and last names for each other. Because while I enjoy the closeness of 'Joan' and 'Sherlock', I also have a fondness for the old-school feel of 'Holmes' and 'Watson'.

I also like that Holmes isn't manipulating her back into medicine; he thinks she was a great doctor, and might be a great doctor again, but he's not trying to shove her back into her old career. Because that is her decision and he recognizes that. Boundaries!

Can we talk about how much this version of Holmes likes working with the police? It's been so long since I read the original stories I don't remember if that Holmes enjoyed working with them very much (though obviously he dealt with a lot of cases outside of their purview), but BBC's Sherlock quite obviously hates the police as an institution and wants to do everything by himself. Private sector, woooo. But Elementary's Holmes really likes the police, and not just Lestrade Gregson. He likes working with a group of people who have authority over him, who can tell him to back off when they think he needs to or give him access not whenever he wants but when he really does need it.

I know I keep comparing him to BBC's Sherlock, but honestly it's hard not to, especially when the reasons Elementary's Sherlock are different from BBC's are the exact reasons I like him. (For example. BBC Sherlock: Total dick. Brilliant, with flashes of actual human feeling towards John, but a terrible person and the absolute epitome of Privileged White Dude. Helps people more by accident than anything. Elementary Sherlock: A jerk sometimes, because he's deliberately pushing people away b/c he thinks he doesn't deserve having them around. Smart, observant, but not infallible and no-one thinks he is. Likes working with other people and helping them. Poor impulse control, but getting better. Frequently apologizes after he's been a jerk. Likes working for the public sector. Clever, but I just don't get that feeling of Amazing White Genius that lots of similar characters give me.

I think the main difference here is that Elementary's Sherlock is not a racist sexist classist douchebag, and that is the reason I like him.)

Like, just read this essay-thing and just try to tell me that all the problems raised in it are not the ones Elementary is completely lacking.
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Episode four of Elementary:

Holmes is super on point in this one! I adore his thoughts on bankers (gosh, I wonder if he has thoughts on colonialism -- remember that "if you want to dress like a criminal, dress like your dad" quote about all the horrible things white men in suits have gotten away with for hundreds of years? this reminds me of that a lot) and I love that he is taking the opportunity to spend as much rich-people money as nicely as he can.

I keep comparing this show to BBC Sherlock in my head -- with all the shit BBClock fans talked about it from the get-go, it's hard not to -- and Elementary comes up a thousand light years on top every time. BBC Sherlock is a white guy in a suit, from inherited wealth, who shows no compassion whatsoever for anybody without money or as much privilege as he himself has. And this is so, so obvious a difference right here in this scene I'm watching at the moment -- Holmes just sent a not-well-off couple a ridiculously expensive bottle of wine, because right now he has the ability and an extra-strong inclination to use lots of money to make other people happy. In this situation, BBC's Sherlock would blow it on something for himself or John that he'd break in half a day.

"No, 'we' are both not equally aware of my feelings." With one phrase, this show elevates itself above virtually anything else on television today. I am so ridiculously tired of people pretending they understand someone better than that person does themselves, and especially when it is a dude and a lady. So fucking tired of people making others' decisions for them. Guess what, world? Joan Watson is also really fucking tired of this.

ETA: Holmes' accent is pretty bad but not totally awful, he sounds like some of the first-year Hanyu students here, which does fit with the 'not as well as I would like' part of the equation.

ETA2: She ended their date with a HANDSHAKE. How much do I love you, Joan Watson? MORE THAN MANY THINGS.

ETA3: I forgot to mention how much I want a long, involved college!AU in which Joan and Sherlock live next door to each other in a dorm and have hilarious shenanigans. Because I want it a lot.

Also aaaaa thank you Sherlock for persuading her to check if her instincts were right and then advising her to forget about that Aaron dude and his dickishness so she can get her rest. You are a good friend sometimes, and Joan is good enough at telling you when you're not that it's almost like you're a good friend to her all the time.
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I finally watched (the first episode of) Elementary! I was super-excited for it before it even aired, but the first episode came out approximately 12 hours before I had to be on a plane & on my way to Shanghai, so I was a little busy and since then I just hadn't found time. I actually have even less time right now, since I am one weekend away from midterms I have not adequately studied for, but OH WELL. Having watched one episode, my enthusiasm has not been dampened in the slightest since we first heard the premise.

JOAN WATSON YOU ARE THE COOLEST, I want you to keep doing exactly what you are doing for ever. Sherlock Holmes also thinks you are super cool and he wants to hang out and solve crimes together and be buddies! Please do this. For always. xoxo, me.

I would also like to add that the first episode manages to be just as cinematically eye-catching as BBC Sherlock while also being about 600000x more awesome, less racist, less sexist, and less homophobic. (why 600000? because '6' is pronounced 'liu' in putonghua.) and also the mystery was a great deal harder to figure out but was also a lot more plausible, bbc sherlock's cases were super ridiculous.

I wonder if Joan ever uses Sherlock to predict things so she can bet on them and win large amounts of money? because that is what I would do since he's proven that he can accurately predict baseball scores. Actually, please someone write an AU (possibly set in the heydays of American gambling?) where the crime-solving is a sideline hobby and their real method of income is finding people who are willing to bet Joan ridiculous sums of money.

aaaa he held her coat so cute crime-solving bffs I love yooooouuuuu


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