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It's really strange how I can not get into some big fannish shows at all (Merlin, Teen Wolf) on their own merits -- I watched them so I could be in the fandom, but couldn't take any more after two seasons -- and yet be totally invested in Charmed almost right away. Not once did I want to watch more of either Merlin or Teen Wolf except in a sort of abstract keeping-up-with-the-Joneses way, but even though Charmed is no Leverage, I'm starting enjoy it a lot!

...well, I thought it was strange, until I spotted Javier Grillo-Marxuach's name in the credits! If that name doesn't sound familiar, you might remember him better as creator of The Middleman.
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So I kind of . . . totally disappeared for a while there! My apologies. Normal service should resume shortly, though possibly not until after midterms.

I keep wishing I'd signed up for Kaleidoscope, but I know I didn't have enough energy or time. With this in mind, I should definitely not sign up for Yuletide, as that is way more stressful and I like the people running Yuletide a lot less. But they let Utena in as a fandom this year, so maybe I have to. HELP. (edit: FUCK THEY HAVE THE MIDDLEMAN NOW I REALLY DO HAVE TO.)

The actual point of this post: There is a prompt-fest for whatever the hell you please going on, and everyone should get right on that and tell all their friends about it too. Right now it's pretty western-television-centric, but if you're into that at all a lot of the prompts are great. There's at least one Korrasami fic already! And, um, I may have posted a couple of prompts for The Middleman. As you do.*

*Incidentally, I have discovered that when I say 'Middleman' out loud, it comes out like this: ~MIDDLEMAN~!
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Just finished the second-to-last episode (and oh goodness am I going to cry when I'm done watching this show) and ugh, I platonic-ship Wendy/The Middleman SO HARD. My dream happy ending for this show and these people is for everything to go on exactly the way it is forever, with Wendy and The Middleman happily fixing 'exotic problems' together for the rest of eternity, with help and support from Ida and Lacey and Noser and Tyler.

I am going to be a wreck once I've watched this last episode, the way you always are when you've come to the end of a work you love.
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This show gives me all the feelings. ALL OF THEM. I was going to say 'all the good feelings', but then I ran headlong into the crushing despair you get when you're drawing close to the end of a story you love with all your heart and soul. FOUR EPISODES LEFT.

I haven't been this badly gored by the approaching ending of a story since Gokusen. Then again, this show reminds me of Gokusen in a lot of ways. The quirky yet ultimately human and relatable characters! The humour! The main characters who I feel kind of bad about shipping!

Ever since Gokusen (and possibly even before) I haven't been able to resist the (over)enthusiastic hero/cynical-yet-loyal sidekick ship. On the one hand, platonic F/M relationships as the main focus of a story are extremely rare and I should treasure the ones I get like the precious gems that they are. On the other, Yankumi/Shin dynamic! Thus far I am settling this problem by a) shipping them like FedEx, and b) being utterly glad they are not canon.

So, all one of you who has watched this show, tell me what crossovers I need to write once I finish watching it! Everyone else, ask me why you should watch The Middleman, and I will tell you in great detail.
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So The Middleman is a really, really great show, and I may or may not be giving up on all my present life's ambitions in favor of trying to become Wendy Watson.

Or the Middleman. Either is fine.

Also, I am really enjoying Ao no Exorcist! I especially like cut for spoilers though ch 17 ) and that kind of puts a damper on your casual friendships.

In addition to that, I'm really liking the way this manga treats friendship in general. Rin's classmates are not actually his close friends. He doesn't have any lifelong BFFs, he's only known these people for a few months if that, and while they like each other fine there's no deep soul connections going on here. It feels very natural, even if it sucks that Rin doesn't really have people to rely on at a time like this.

The fight scenes are also nice, by which I mean not incredibly long. I think I am going to continue enjoying this series, even if the mangaka doesn't really seem to understand how breasts work. (Hint: bikinis and bras are not there just to cover your nipples. They are actually used to support your breasts, and prevent uncomfortable bouncing. I know this may sound weird, but trust me here.)


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