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(oh snap, I am two days late!)

Happy Magical Girl Month, everyone! And happy next-week-is-finals-week for me, oops. (Also I think it may still be Golden Week, which is a holiday I wish the US would adopt.)

I started reading Sailor Moon when the re-releases started being published, and I love it fiercely. I love that Mamoru loves helping Usagi and getting saved by her, I love that Rei and Minako don't need men, I love everyone and everything (except a few of those comments Minako made in the Sailor V manga in the weight gain chapter, ugh).

also Korra is probably a magical girl jsyk.

I've watched a few episodes of Magical Emi, and it's pretty good! Of course, it does combine two of my favorite things, stage magic and real magic, and also there are neat clothes and singing. I am resisting the urge to write a Magic Kaito crossover in which Emi mentors Kaito after his father dies.
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Just watched the first episode of Suite Precure, and it is fabulous. The main characters are in high school, so it's a little bit serious, and the animation is positively gorgeous. (Well, save the CG, but you can't have everything.) Also, it is about MUSIC, which automatically makes me predisposed to like it. The villains are suitably scenery-chewing, and their stated motivation is to sink the world into the depths of sorrow, but the real reason is probably just wanting all the music to be written in a minor key (something I can certainly sympathize with!). The Precure transformation sequence takes forever, but it's pretty enough and subsequent ones may be shorter. Also, don't look now, but I think there may be CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT on the horizon! Though it's a bit early to tell.

It's interesting watching this alongside Futari wa Pretty Cure and having watched some of Heartcatch Precure. In the first series, the girls started out pretty reluctant and needed to be convinced. In Suite and Heartcatch, they just go right ahead. Then again, in the first one they don't get attacked straight off; in the newer two, they need to save someone or something just as or right after they discover their powers.

Speaking of that, Suite is the only series in which I can actually imagine the characters holding onto their powers as they get older. I have no idea what their powers actually are, but I imagine they're the sort of thing that would make for hilarious hijinks at concerts when they become famous musicians or whatever.
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So long as my cooking, cleaning, and people skills are up to par, I will always* be able to find a nice older man willing to provide me with money (or at least a nice place to sleep) in exchange for taking care of his house and family.

*Until college. So long as I force any signs of anger to manifest as tears (which, okay, I do anyway). If I never cut my hair shorter than chin-length, and I make sure not to latch on to someone who needs animal protein in their diet. If I can put up with remarks like "I'm a man, after all." Provided I don't get mixed up with dangerous young men (who aren't giving me money/housing/shoes/etc).

I think I like Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor even more now that I've noticed the ways it's both playing and not playing into this trope. The main character's people skills are not up to par, the money is for being an artist's model, and she has a real job (even if we don't get to see it). She does get mixed up with dangerous young men, and then leaves them for her friends and new job with hardly a backwards glance. It's hardly a paragon of enlightened gender roles, but it's a hell of a lot better about them than most shoujo.
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My contribution to Magical Girl Month yesterday and today: getting 800 words into a Chrome fic and then getting stuck. The problem seems to be partly lack of a clear focus—it's really just a look at Chrome and her relationship with 'love', but I feel like I should be concentrating on other characters too— and partly the fact that I'm not quite sure what it wants to be. Is it going to be totally canon-compliant? Is it going to assume things about the future? Is it going to veer off in a completely AU direction? Is it going to stay focused on Chrome and Mukuro and Tsuna, or are we going to look at her love for a bunch of other character instead/too? Am I projecting my own issues too much and making her out of character?

I don't knooooooow. *tears at bits of recycling, since hair getting pulled out too much these days as it is*
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10. Tell me about your default icon.

Um. This is surprisingly hard! It isn't actually loaded with symbolism and meaning or anything—well, it is, but it's not really my symbolism and meaning. I love Anthy kind of a lot, and this scene is always really painful for me to watch. But really I picked it for my default because it's a very pretty icon, with the different reds and the butterfly cutout window and the dark lines and shapes of the scene, and because I wanted to continue my semi-tradition of having Utena-only default icons.

11. What feature do you think Dreamwidth should have that it doesn't currently?

The ability to actually save drafts of entries would be super-nice for me, but that's because Google Docs is less fun to use these days and Zoho Writer has a tendency to flake out on me. A kudos button like on AO3, maybe? But really, DW has most of what I need—that's why I'm here.
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So, earlier today [personal profile] littlebutfierce reminded me that May is MAGICAL GIRL MONTH. And since I missed it last year, I have some making up to do! Happily, I posted some squee about Lenalee in what was in some timezones May 1st, so let's see if I can keep it up.

And since we're using a broad definition of 'magical girl' here, I'm going to talk about Chrome Dokuro.

I never thought I'd turn into the kind of person who kept up with a fandom for one or two characters and ignored the rest. And I haven't! But even though I do love a lot of other things about KHR and its fandom (see: this) Chrome and Mukuro are the ones I think and write and fic about to near-exclusion. They combine a lot of things I like—reincarnation! illusion! the blurring of lies and truth! unshakable partnerships of the not-necessarily romantic variety! Gender issues! Mental health issues! Buddhism!—and stay away from a lot of the things I don't.

And I like what Reborn said about them. "Because of Chrome, Mukuro can exist. Because of Mukuro, Chrome can live." (or something like that) In my head, they're separate characters, but not entirely separate people; that's why I'm talking about both of them and not just her. Mukuro will have to break out of prison sometime, but I kind of don't want him to. I like the way that Chrome is his lifeline to the world, I like the idea that they've blurred together a little, or maybe more than a little. I like the idea that Mukuro used to be a girl like Chrome, once upon a time, and he enjoys being that again and also offering the help he didn't have when he was. I like the idea that Chrome's strength is in silence and passivity right up until she needs it to be otherwise, and I like the idea that Mukuro is a little bit the same way.

I love Bianchi and Kyoko and Haru and Hana and Adelheid and Shitt P. and Lal Mirch and Uni, but Chrome will always be my favorite of the KHR ladies. She's the kind of quiet character I don't get to write very often, the one who's polite and loyal and a little bit lonely and goes unfazed by things that would knock less-experienced people flat.

Also, I wrote Chrome fic! It's kind of unpolished, but is about Chrome thinking about how D. Spade is a LYING LIAR WHO LIES and how hard that's going to hurt him. CHROME ILU LOTS OKAY ♥ ♥ ♥


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