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I just signed up for [ profile] blind_go, and already I have an excellent idea! Which I am totally not telling you about because that would defeat the purpose, but I do have it. Yay!

And someone has put me down for [personal profile] dingsi's love meme, which. Wow. I tend to spend a lot of time wishing I were more articulate or that I had more substantial things to post about, and worrying that I sound ridiculous in the not-good way, but clearly I am doing something right.

I spent about half an hour after this discovery going :D :D :D I made someone happy!
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I continue to find Yeong-ha's eyelashes inappropriately hilarious, because he seems to be the only character who actually has any.

*checks* Oh, no, wait. Hikaru has like two really short eyelashes, as shown in a close-up near the end of volume 22. And some of the female characters have small ones. Yeong-ha's eyelashes, mind you, are deemed big enough to be visibly drawn no matter how tiny his face is.
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My library got two new volumes of Hikaru no Go in! It is a nice antidote to The Magicians, being all about people with a deep abiding love for a board game.* But I can't stop bursting into laughter every time I see Ko Yeong-ha's face, because I keep thinking about him being a model or boyband member in his spare time. He has the pretty-boy face—I mean, there are an awful lot of good-looking people in Hikaru no Go, but Ko Yeong-ha is gorgeous. If this were shoujo, he'd be the rival love interest with all the smooth moves and the pretty eyelashes.

He even poses like a model. Brb, laughing even harder.

But even apart from all that, it's lots of fun watching all my favorite characters talking and playing midnight speed-go and going I MUST DEFEAT HIM. Oh, Hikaru no Go, you will always have space in my heart. <3

*Someday I will stop griping about that book, perhaps sometime next week. But it is full of people who have no *~deep feelings~* about anything, which annoys me, especially in the context of all the manga I am reading. It's just not a real story unless someone's being a giant dork about things they love, okay? *disapproving frown*
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Fujiwara by Catwho

Be careful what you wish for! Hikaru is knocked back in time to the Heian court when he is called to avenge Sai. NON-ROMANCE. Complete! Typos fixed 3-24-05

Rating: T


EDIT: Yeah, I sound like a total fangirl here. Oh well — I can always fix it later. Meanwhile, go read the fic.

Although it is less than seventeen thousand words long, this is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Imagine a perfectly cut crystal wineglass tumbling through the perfect sky to smash into a thousand pieces on a smooth, sun-warmed flat stone. It has a terrible, beautiful clarity, and I always wish it was longer. Hikaru's reactions and emotions are perhaps the best written I have ever seen them.

If a Hikaru no Go movie is ever made, let it be a perfectly executed screenplay of this.

Everyone will probably be disbelieving of this next phrase; but I believe this is possibly the best thing you will ever read that is written in modern English.

...And so, if you are a Hikaru no Go fan and do not go read (or, perhaps, re-read) this story at once, I shall virtually bash your skull in with a virtual rock for being an uncultured and blind fool.

The author has also written another (seemingly abandoned) HikaGo fic called 'Hikaru no DDR'. Sai is a dance instructor from the seventies whose soul is imprisoned inside an old disco ball. One phrase: "The Feet of God."

The author herself has recently written another Hikaru no Go fic, which I have not yet read, but plan to soon.


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