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I got a huge compliment today! Well, okay, I saw it as a huge compliment, which is not really a guarantee of reality. One of my friends commented on the fact that I always present as very girly-girl, and I was like "Yay! You noticed!"

Because I think it's important for me to be a girly-girl! I'm probably not actually being as ~subversive~ of gender norms as I think I am, but it's way easier for me to pull off girly-girl than dandy. And I cannot feel comfortable in sweatshirts & such for the life of me, so those are my two real options. Both equally appealing, one a hell of a lot simpler than the other. (Hi, H-cups! We need to have a chat about you and your huge-ness.) I love being super-femme, actually, wouldn't trade it for the world, but I do sometimes wonder if that's a reaction to not being able to pull off 'masculine' looks.

My reaction to people telling sexist jokes or otherwise making me uncomfortable is to go extra-girly, too. Adjust the jewellery, walk extra-loud, move the hips more, make 'girly' gestures—hair-flips and pouts and the like—put on more lipstick. You all keep being jerks over there, I am going to swan all over here with my gender expression and there's not a thing you can do about it.

(This comment was brought on by me wearing what was basically a fascinator on a headband. Feathers and netting and big plastic jewels oh my. Gave me a bit of a headache but I so don't mind.)
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Two-and-a-half episodes in, and I am enjoying Creamy Mami a lot more than I expected to! Especially for something that came out eleven years before I was born. I like that it's not a fighting show, the way magical girl things usually are—not that I don't like those fighting shows, but they feel very formulaic. Creamy Mami is quite different; the main plot so far concerns her reluctant recruitment as a singer for an idol company. It's pretty eighties (well, as much as I can recognize as eighties) which probably makes it better rather than worse.

Also, and this is kind of a shallow reason, but I really love the main character's hair. Her character design as a whole is pretty cute, actually. If I'm not careful I might start looking for Creamy Mami everything the way I look for Hello Kitty everything.

I would be okay with this, I think.
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I just signed up for [ profile] blind_go, and already I have an excellent idea! Which I am totally not telling you about because that would defeat the purpose, but I do have it. Yay!

And someone has put me down for [personal profile] dingsi's love meme, which. Wow. I tend to spend a lot of time wishing I were more articulate or that I had more substantial things to post about, and worrying that I sound ridiculous in the not-good way, but clearly I am doing something right.

I spent about half an hour after this discovery going :D :D :D I made someone happy!
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I feel as though everyone in the universe possesses a superpower I do not: that of entering a drugstore and then exiting without purchase of any new lipstick or nail polish whatsoever. My mother goes into Walgreens and comes out with medicine, thermometer, and box of Juicy Fruits. I go in with her and come out with three bottles of Sinful Colors nail polish (plus the Revlon that was already in my purse).

I secretly believe that I will attain this mysterious power, but only after buying every single colour of nail polish known to man.

"Why, this nail polish is a very slightly different shade of pink than every other shade of pink nail polish I own! I MUST HAVE IT." Sometimes, I swear this is my actual thought process.


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