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So apparently the 'Kyouya sexually assaulting people for their own good' scene made it into the drama. WAY TO PARTICIPATE IN RAPE CULTURE, OURAN DRAMA STAFF.

I'm probably remembering the scene as less bad than it was, to preserve my happy-happy-joy-joy attitude towards Ouran, so this should be . . . interesting. I will probably watch the whole thing for completeness' sake, and then spend a good portion of time going ANGER ANGER FEMINIST RAGE SMASH. But I shall go into it forewarned, at least, and try to focus on Haruhi's reaction rather than Kyouya's reaction to her reaction.

. . . Jerk.
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So there is this new live-action drama, Detective Conan ~Kudou Shinichi e no Chousenjou~! Which translates to something like Detective Conan: Written Challenge to Kudou Shinichi but should really be more on the lines of Detective Conan ~Twenty-Minute Group Flashbacks Induced By Dates On Touchscreens In Empty White Rooms~ because there is a time and a place for literal advertising and this is exactly it.

The flashbacks-to-crimes so far are going about how you'd expect—there's a murder, Shinichi solves it, The End—but the framing device is pretty fun. The characters (Shinichi, Ran, Kogoro) hang around in locked white-and-metal rooms trying to figure out what four-character word related to the crime on the date shown on the current room's touchscreen is the password that will get them into the next one. For some reason Shinichi and Ran are handcuffed together; I have no idea why, and I'll bet they don't either.

The note left by their kidnapper in the first episode has little hearts on it. I laughed so hard. But what amuses me the most about this show is that it probably takes them about three to five minutes per room outside of flashback-time. :D

I really like this version of Kimi ga Ireba. And it looks like next episode's flashback is going to have Ran's mom in it. Yay!

I am kind of sad that I'm missing about half of Shinichi's deduction-monologues, though. I just don't know enough jukugo to get all those words.
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Am watching live-action Detective Conan. KUDO SHINICHI IS ON MY TELEVISION COMPUTER.

. . . Not sure I would be having this kind of extreme reaction if I were watching the anime. But. LIVE-ACTION DETECTIVE CONAN. USING WORDS I UNDERSTAND WITHOUT SUBS.

It looks to be some sort of special. Which on the one hand, yay! Something I don't have to see twice! On the other hand, booo. No teensy child solving crimes.

Brb, getting back into the manga. Without being aware, I have been pining all this time—clearly, I need more fictional murder-solving in my life!


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