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This fic* . . . well. If it were written by any of my r-list, I would be absolutely confident that the final chapter would feature Hermione waking up and complimenting Snape on his excellent Blatant Feminist Allegory Draught—"It was horrifically obvious what was going on after I woke up, but while I was under, everything seemed so plausible."

It is kind of amazing, actually. Because Hermione's love interest is clearly and obviously a personalization and embodiment of The Patriarchy (capital letters and all). I'm not kidding! Every thing he does is one of those problematic things that feminist blogs write posts about, and he warps the narrative around him. Hermione cries about his Dead Little Sister—not because she was raped and killed, but because Mr Love Interest Dude had to go through the trauma of having that happen to his sister! <-- Heavy-handed lampshading of Manpain, there. And Harry and Ron are probably the archetypal friends-who-don't-ask-questions-about-society. It all fits perfectly!

Unfortunately, I don't think the author is doing this intentionally. :| Half the fic is enough, I think, while I can still pretend my ending is the real one.

*Link provided in case anyone is up for Blatant Feminist Allegory Draught and doesn't have the real thing on hand.
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I was going to post about the interesting linkage of my brain chemistry (I made a cake and no one is eating it! = *sob for hours*, apparently) but then I had some cake and remembered that talking about the things I'm reading makes me feel better about not writing anything.

So! The World God Only Knows/The World Only God Knows (Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, whatever). It is about a guy who's incredibly great at and obsessed with dating sims, and because of a slight misunderstanding he is hired/forced to capture the hearts of various girls. The only real problem is that he kind of hates the real world, and has no desire whatsoever to interact with real-life girls.

It's a lot less skeevy than I was expecting, and a quite a bit more believable. Keima says a couple times that real women should be more like their virtual counterparts, but now that I'm further into the manga that seems like it's less that he wants them to be compliant and more that he wants them to be something he can deal with. And by chapter 23 or so, it seems like he's better at dealing with people than he used to be, or at least better at applying his game-learned knowledge. He treats people like they'll do what he wants if he just pushes the right buttons on their hearts; fortunately for him, this is a workable strategy. (Actually, I'm starting to think some of his social obliviousness is cultivated to make people leave him alone.)

Also: surprising amount of ladies! Well, not really surprising, it's deliberately a parody of harem-type manga, but the whole thing is actually kind of a vehicle for the monster-of-the-week girls' character development and dealing with personal issues. And I think that maybe the overarching plot is about Keima and Elsee dealing with theirs.

Oh, I forgot to talk about Elsee! I love her. She's the reason our main dude gets into this mess in the first place, because she needed someone to help with her job and didn't look at his credentials close enough. There's not a lot I can say about her without spoilers, but she feels like our 'normal' viewpoint character even though Keima is ostensibly the Ordinary Dude. Also, based off two of the early chapter covers, my dream future/AU is for Elsee and Keima to run a bar (or maybe a cafe) together, and become a two-person version of that dude from Bartender.

Going back to what I was talking about earlier, it's interesting to read a manga that's all about people falling in love where the main character doesn't. It's his job to make girls fall in love with him; his feelings toward them seem to be entirely of the helpful variety. Not going to go "Yay, asexual character!" yet, but it's enjoyable. Refreshing. I might even read all the way to the end. :D
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So! I finally watched the Evangelion movie reboot-thingie, You Are (not) Alone. It was good!

Lengthy review with lots of spoilers, but if you haven't decided to watch the new movies yet this might sell you )

I don't suppose any of you have recs for Eva fic? I'm in the mood for it again after a very long while. Brownie points if they're not about Shinji having sex with girls or "manning up" (yes, I did read a good portion of Shinji and Warhammer 40k. It was okay, but I'm not sure I would like it as much if I read it after learning the meaning of the word "privilege". I did, however, enjoy I Was A Teenage Dummy Plug, Taking Sights, and Paradise Lost, among others).


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