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I never actually replied to [personal profile] maat_seshat's comment from, like, three months ago (sorry!) but I did go and see what I could find of the recommended translations. The local college library has a surprising amount of them, and I am reading them all (though very slowly).

The only one I've finished so far is Electra, the Anne Carson translation -- from the Greek Tragedies in New Translations series, though I picked it up because I like her poetry. I'm so glad I went straight for that one, because my favorite lines here are positively dull in the other translations I've looked at.

I feel very much for Elektra herself; she has all this anger, all this burning rage and grief, but she's trapped; all she can do is scream. I don't know that I like her, but her feelings are so raw and clear that I want to reach out to her. Elektra, my heart, my dear. I am sorry about your father.

Clytemnestra, here, is so much less sympathetic than in Aeschylus'Agamemnon (which I am in the middle of) I scarcely recognize her. But looking at what I have seen of her Agamemnon self, I do wonder how much Orestes takes after her in attitude.

quotes to encourage everyone to read the Anne Carson version, there is some very pretty language here )

Those are the only quotes I have saved; I returned the book a week ago, and wish I had my own copy. Ah well.
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Does anyone have favorite translations of the Odyssey/Iliad/other classical stuff? I've been really wanting to read more of that kind of stuff, but I have roughly zero idea of which translations are good or terrible. (This is a lie, i know of one 100% totally terrible translation of the Odyssey, and it is the reason i am asking this question.)


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